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    UTI question

    I have had UTI infections over the past years that are treated successfully with macrobid. My symptoms include frequent/urgency (more than usual, which is always a lot anyway ) and an odor that tells me I have the infection.

    I hadn't had an infection is over 8 months; maybe the cranberry supplements, yogurt, vitamin C and lots of water has been working.

    Last month the increased frequency with no control at all started occurring but no odor. I had a urine analysis and it came back all clear - no bacteria - this was exciting for me as it is not a common result for me in the past.

    Anyways, the frequency and lack of any control continued and I had another culture 3 weeks later, started macrobid my doctor prescribed till the results of the analysis came in - the results showed another type of infection, the culture (initial result) showed Pseudomonas but not enough to say an antibiotic was needed, later the analysis (takes a few days) came back, and showed a higher number of cells where the PA (my doc was now on vacation) said Cipro should be taken to address.

    My questions:
    - Goggling Pseudomonas sounds like it is likely from hospitals or cathing (I haven't done either) and the infection sounds a bit concerning to me - but not very clear either. Has anyone had this type of infection ?

    - I've also had an irritation/soreness/slight burning feeling externally - felt it slightly last month but got more noticeable after completing the Cipro. My doctor thought it was a yeast infection from the antibiotics, but told him I didn't think it was. I have been using gynelotrim cream externally that seemed to help after a couple of weeks, but is back again now - thinking maybe irritation from toilet paper wiping too hard ?

    - The frequency seems to be good one day and bad the next

    My doctor also said to start a probiotic (I'm taking Align) to replace the good bacteria lost when taking antibiotics.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    wow, bless your heart!

    don't totally understand all the technie stuff. i've had UTIs and bladder issues. guess i didn't much attention to lingo!

    i take what i call my 'little blue pill' every morning to prevent frequency. that sx showed up before MS dx.

    also been told & discovered is true, to NOT buy the cheapest toilet paper. find one and stick with it.
    umm, a very leading brand that starts with a c, was told to me by a nurse that many patients were allergic to it and caused irritation/ infections. i've tested that theory & found it true for me.

    have you tried dried cranberries? after my breast surgery in july i got a nasty UTI. juice was eating my stomach, but the dried ones did ok and more potent punch to them.

    i pray you get some answers and relief. don't forget, bladder issues are in top 10 of sx for MS.

    take care and God bless ya!
    "All things are possible for those who believe." Jesus


      Sorry that you are having such problems. Urinary issues stink.

      I had a staph infection in my bladder a few years ago that we couldn't figure out how I'd gotten it. That was found a few months before we figured out that I had bilateral kidney stone blockages; and during the time that I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Maybe it was all related - who knows.

      I too use the same TP (Angel Soft) for years and years.

      There is a supplement that I've seen mentioned that MSers take to help prevent infections. I believe it is called D-Mannose. It might be worth looking into.


        Learned too late

        After being on Avonex for 10 years and battling UTI infections constantly those ten years, taking Macrodantin on a daily basis, and the blame being placed on MS I realized after going off the Avonex the UTI's disappeared. I found a blog somewhere someone had the same problem. I was also loyal to cranberry juice, yogurt, etc. Haven't had many problems since. Once in a blue moon. Now I don't have to know where every bathroom is wherever I go. A whole new freedom!!


          Since this post all has been good.

          I do believe my doctors recommendation to take the probiotic was key for me and strongly recommend to others that are experiencing these symptoms.

          I am going less frequently and no new UTIs.

          I am diligent with drinking lots of water, cranberry supple,nets, vitamin C and yogurts daily.

          Thanks for the feedback.



            Yes, Cranberry juice and water are the answer! On a somewhat related subject, everyone, be careful of toilet seats which might not be sturdy. Mine was brand new but during a transfer, the entire seat came loose from the base(the hardware was plastic and was supposedly ADA compliant. My new toilet seat has metal hardware!


              Here is another tip that might help some people.

              I have not had an infection (UTI, yeast or bacterial) since my doctor recommended that I stop using fabric softener for my underwear (over 1 and 1/2 years ago). I use dryer sheets, so I pull my underwear out so it doesn't go in the dryer and hang it to dry.

              For people who can't drink cranberry juice (particularly those of us with IC), my doctor says that lots of water works just as well to flush the system out.