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I have a bad mother

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    I have a bad mother

    Iíve heard all the lectures about how I must let go of my resentment bla bla bla. Iíve let go of my resentment and forgiven but she keeps doing more. She is now 91 with no end in sight. When it came time to draft my grandmothers will, she gave herself a very generous serving of the trust that my grandmother intended to be for her grand daughters.

    My grandmother dies and mother goes on a 5 year spending spree.

    I canít go into too much detail or my rage will become unbearable. But now that I have MS and am living on SSDI, itís crunch time. She would be devastated if I died but not badly enough to let go of the reins financially. This year, for the first time, I asked her for help. She got on Amazon and sent me a large box of toilet paper.

    Now my washing machine has broken and cannot be repaired. I asked he if she would write a check from the trust as an emergency need for a disabled child. She said ok. But then went on Amazon and saw how much they cost. She said, ďwe canít afford thatĒ squawk!! I said donít look at Amazon. So she spends the day running around town trying to find the best deal on a washer. HomeDepot, Lowes, Sears...

    I live 1000 miles away (on purpose), the portion of the trust set aside for me is worthabout$100,000. And she canít write a check for $500?

    Wow palmtree! I don't want to badmouth your mom, but wow! I can't even imagine.

    There is a program available for getting free appliances which is based on qualifying income (or lack of, rather) called LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). If your washer is old and not energy efficient, you might qualify. It's worth a try.

    or start a gofundme account and share your story? Lots of sympathetic people out there.

    So sorry you have to go through this.
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      palmtree, I agree with Shesha, I can't even imagine how you much feel. I am so sorry.

      Maybe she will have a change of heart and come thru for you.
      God Bless Us All


        I'm so sorry you have to go through this. One would think that by 91 years old she'd be counting her blessings rather than her dollars.

        There is no place in this world for such greed. I live in Canada so not privy to assistance you can get but even a used one would be better than no one. Keep an eye on Kijiji or Craig's List for one, lots of people give them away for free. Maybe she could pay to have it shipped to your house. I wish you luck with this horrible situation.

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