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trying hard to break it down ...

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    trying hard to break it down ...

    onto small tasks , but I think I may still not have it under control yet.

    Since I had a full schedule for this week I did housecleaning on Wednesday. Thank goodness it was raining so I didn't feel the desire to work outside . I did do a little grocery shopping for the rest of the week.

    I had a massage appointment on Thursday morning.
    My granddaughter simply had to spend the night with her "silly grandmother', so I picked her up from her dance class on Thursday. She was an angel - went to bed on time without any arguing, didn't even nag for excessive candy, and hey, she didn't even annoy the cat too much ( she LOVES cats - maybe too much?). She cleaned up her toys before she left Friday and helped with the little chores I did while she was here. A GREAT visit.
    I dropped her off at other grandmothers in the afternoon and stopped by pharmacy to pick up some meds and then hurried home to have something for DH to have to eat when he got home (he had worked a double shift and had to go back in this morning).

    We have a monthly "dinner and domino's' date scheduled for tomorrow. The other couple knows about my MS (and my dh's diabetics). NOT normal dinner conversation, but it could be. In other words they are OK with our limited abilities. My loving husband - in an effort to have me NOT do so much - has suggested that they might prefer to have it at their place, but they are happy here. I am assuming that the dirty house that I see either isn't really dirty or that it isn't bad enough to bother them .
    And he even tried to stop the dinner part but they are good about bringing the dinner if I just feel too overwhelmed to cook. I know it is just my crap, but it really bugs me for anyone to come to my house to eat and to have to bring the food .
    So today I will do a little cleaning in the main part of the house, and prep what I can for dinner tomorrow. I intend to buy the desert .
    Then tomorrow I will count dots that I can hardly see and add then up in my head . And it will probably be double 12's.

    Monday and Tuesday are doctor appointments for me and dh. And the weather forecast for Monday looks like an awesome day to be outside. Reckon a doctor appointment and yard work will be too much for one day ?

    It is awesome that my granddaughter is so very good for me when I know that everyone else has 'normal' 4yo problems with her. NOT a bad child - just spoiled. But she doesn't play that with 'silly grandma' .
    And to have people in my life that are really OK with my MS crap is another blessing. I have loved playing board games all of my life, so to have another couple to want to make the trip to my house to just relax and have fun is wonderful .

    It is a good life, and I am grateful for the days that I can live it. But lord, it is hard sometimes to keep up.

    Really ironic - as soon as I made the earlier post I received a call concerning dinner for tomorrow - an offer to have them bring something. See - I told you - great friends to have, and a VERY good life.


      I truly enjoyed reading your post.......

      Thank you..

      Diagnosed 6-28-14
      Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~Helen Keller~


        Thank you Diamond. Today is the last of the 'week' that I had planned out. Thank goodness .

        The dinner and dominos went really well. It was double 12's, but I still came in 2nd place for the evening. It was decided that they will bring food next time, so that is one thing that I don't have to be concerned about for the next date .

        Yesterday dh and I added a few chores while we were out, so things ran past the time line I had planned. But were things that needed to be done so that was good. I did so want to get some yard work in after we got home - and it WAS beautiful outside - but after putting up the animal feed I realized that was the extent of what I was up to doing. So I made myself settle for sitting on the front porch, soaking up some vit D, and planing what my next step would be when I finally get out to work on new flower bed.

        Today was also a little longer than I had thought it would be, so I am using the remainder of today to just rest. Since dh will be working tomorrow I am free to do whatever I feel like! That sounds so wrong. More like I don't have to be concerned about him worrying if I decide to sleep late or even take a nap, or if I should feel up to doing something outside or what ever strikes my fancy tomorrow.

        It is wonderful to have somebody that is looking out for me, but at the same time it can be a little restrictive. He is always worried about me 'over-doing it'. But I cannot just sit around and do nothing, as long as I am able I will do something. And unfortunately, sometimes too much ...

        But as I said before it is a good life.


          Sounds like a lovely way to end your week!

          I love playing dominos... We also hate counting the dots, so we adopted a scoring method of 2 points for dbls, 1 point for others, and 5 points for having the dbl zero.

          Your grand daughter sounds amazing, what a great girl! Lucky to have such a "silly grandmother"

          Have a great weekend!


            Thank you Aliivs. Sunday will be our next dominoes date.

            I have done NOTHING this week - too tired to care. A lot of long naps, fast food to eat and just the bare minimum - feeding the animals.

            And I only have tomorrow to get ready for them . Oh well - food is covered (they are bringing it), so all I have to do is 'spiff up' a little tomorrow. I just hope that I have a little more energy Sunday.

            It really sux that when I am like this there is no "breaking it down into small tasks". ANY task is a major effort, and wipes me out . But for me it is SO much worse with the cog fog crap. As much as I would hate to do it I can always cancel and re-schedule

            Sorry to sound so negative on a 'positive' post, but it is just how I feel right now. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day .