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Discuss with Sister or Not?

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    Discuss with Sister or Not?


    I have been on this forum for several years, mostly lurking and finding information and support in dealing with my lil sister's PPMS.

    Now I am in limbo myself. I have been hiding my illness and symptoms from everyone but my husband. I haven't mentioned a thing I have been going through.

    So, here's the thing, my sister and I are pretty close and I really would LOVE to be able to talk to her about all these new symptoms and sensations. BUT I don't want to stress her out. Everyone knows stress is BAD for MS.

    So I am looking for opinions and feedback from neutral perspectives. Please let me know what you think. Should I talk to her, or keep silent until I KNOW????

    If my sister was starting to have issues, I would want to know so I could help her deal. It would not stress me out in the least.


      If you really don't want anyone to know, then no.

      If you were my sister, I'd want to know.

      Good luck in whatever you decide.


        Lunch Friday

        I am having lunch with sister Friday. Hope it goes okay and she doesn't freak out at me much.


        But my husband commented that I am isolating my own support system and he's right.


          It will go fine.


            Went okay

            Had lunch with sister yesterday. Told her about my symptoms and testing so far. She was miffed I didn't tell her sooner, but supportive. I'm glad I told her.

            Ironically she agrees that I am better off not mentioning it to my parents until I have a dx.

            Thanks for all your support.


              I am glad you told her and also agree with not telling your parents until dx as it would add an extra layer of stress for you.

              Hope you get some answers soon!