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Wife has MS. I want to separate, but not because of MS

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    Originally posted by Marco View Post

    Your wife is direct reflection of you. If she is “this” it is because you have been “that.” Don't give up, go to work as a husband. Your wife is like a garden and you are the gardener. Your responsibility is the weeding, the plowing, the watering, the fertilizing, and the pruning. If you are successful your wife will bloom. If you are unsuccessful she will shrivel. Yes, it is a tough job, but one that you are capable of doing. While in the process remember she is not your worst enemy – you are.
    This hit me right in the stomach...dou you even realise how powerfull your words are?


      I wouldn't want my husband to be my caretaker even though he does a lot for me.
      I wouldn't want him to stay if he were unhappy because it would add stress I don't need.
      Children are not the reason to stay together. I wish my parents would have divorced rather than the fighting and times I hid in my room.
      The best solution is sometimes divorce / separation.

      Good luck to you all.