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Elderly parent with MS

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    Elderly parent with MS


    I have a question about seniors with MS. My mom is 64. How do you tell the difference between MS symptoms and things that happen when someone is getting older? Sometimes my mom is extra confused. She takes Baclofen and I saw that delirium can be a side effect. The doctor recommended a reduced dosage but I'm not sure if thats helping.

    Then she also has vision issues which I know can be an MS issue, but then it could also be a problem of age.

    You are absolutely right that it can be difficult to tell some of the effects of MS apart from some of the normal aging changes.

    I will say though that 64 is older but probably not "elderly" and confusion in a 64-year-old is not normal. But what's causing it might not be easy to figure out. It could be MS - which is reasonable - but it could also be from another health problem like insufficient blood flow to the brain or even from medications as the doctor suggested. It's surprising how many problems come from medications, and we tend to take more of them the older we get. If reducing the baclofen isn't helping, then it sounds like your mother needs an up to date neurological and psychological evaluation.

    Vision problems are the same way. So it might be a good idea to get your mother in to the eye doctor for a thorough examination to find out what vision problems might exist and what's causing them. There are many, many different causes for vision problems and only an eye doctor can tell them all apart.

    It sounds like some good medical work is in order to find out what's going on.