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Second Pregnancy

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    Second Pregnancy

    I'm 37, pregnant with our second child, and can't seem to shake the fears and second-guessing our choice. I've had MS for 10 years now, and my son is 2. About 4 months after having my son, I had a relapse that resulted in my walking with a limp/leg drag, and a weakness in the left side of my body. Anyone out there willing to share their positive or negative experiences, ideas and perspective? I'd really appreciate it!


    Congratulations on your pregnancy with your second child. I haven't been in your situation, but you have a dear baby on the way and that is a blessing in itself.

    All you have is the present moment and day, (right here, right now) and when I get doubting and scared about what might happen, that is what I try to focus on. (Not saying that I do it well either!)

    My DH and I have two daughters that are 2 1/2 years apart. They are now in elementary school but they play together all of the time. You might find over the next five years that it will be easier for you as they have each other. Sometimes when I need to rest, the girls play in their bedrooms for an hour or so un-interupted. Now they help out with emptying the dishwasher, picking up their rooms and making meals.

    Remember, an hour or so of PBS Kids is not a bad thing. (My kids still love to watch Clifford, Big Green Rabbit and especially now, CyberChase.)

    I know that you are afraid...I am too when I think about it too much...but we are both quite blessed! Hang in there!

    PS - Hope this bumped you back up on the top of the list too!


      I have two children: be patient whether you like it or not!

      I had my first (boy) and I was in great shape. Two years later I was diagnosed with MS. Three years and 10 months later, I had my second one (a girl). I wore myself out the first 10 years. I tried to do everything myself. We even moved 3,000 miles, lived in a trailer, as we built a log home. Now, they are teenagers. God help me! My kids help me in many ways. But they drive me crazy with their teen issues. I really can't complain, they are not addicted to anything they are moderately clean and good kids. My advice, would be to be patient. That is really hard for me to do. But I try! Enjoy them while they are little, it goes by too fast.


        Thanks MyGirlsMom and pocoapoco. I appreciate your perspectives. I must say MyGirlsMom, I've posted my concerns to a few different threads/websites and your post was the first one that made me feel a little less scared. Thank you so much for that!


          the hormone'll protect u

          I said this is a diff thread - - but i learned that the hormones will protect u from the MS. when i had my 1st and 2nd, i couldnt figure out why my back never went out cuz delivery puts us in a nasty position back-wise....anyho, congrats!


            jaq, thanks for saying that! The other thought I wanted to share is that we are raising compassionate kids. My daughters (as well as your children) will understand that life is not always easy and that who we are on the inside is what matters most.

            My goal lately is trying to see the blessings in my dx. Unlike you, I was just dxd in May 2009, so I am still kind of new and working on acceptance. It is now obvious that I have had MS for years, just didn't know it and my dx answered many health issues that were never really resolved.

            Glad my post helped you! Enjoy your pregnancy and yes, eat whatever you want! :-)