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Is it responsible for me to want a baby?

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    I too was diagnosed at 25, and by 33 tried for a baby with my husband. My MS was mild-ish (after quite a severe beginning) but troublesome enough to make for plenty of soul-searching. I felt ultimately that I was adaptable, pragmatic and would regret not having a child so intensely for the rest of my life for a whole host of reasons, that I just had to try. After 3 miscarriages I nearly gave up but my son is 5 now. He is an only child, and that is another sorrow, but it is tempered with not wanting to gamble on another pregnancy/MS interaction. My MS is worse now, but I'd imagine it would have been worse anyway, and my fatigue and mobility is the same after having him, as before, it's just that life with a child IS much more tiring, there are so many things to do.

    If you have a practical, helpful and supportive partner and family, and you feel it's right, go for it. Most people do want children, and it is a strong instinct. That said, I have the greatest respect for logical decisions against it by others on this thread, it was just I could not have lived with a decision not to have a child, it would have destroyed me more than the MS ever could.

    So far my life is full of love. I looked at my son today and thought how lucky I am. Every day is full of happiness with him (he is not an angel!) and I love being his Mother. I can't tell you how much having him has made my life richer.

    Wishing you every good wish.