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My Wife has MS

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    My Wife has MS

    I have posted on this forum before and I am posting a page trying to help my wife. First I want to say that anyone there is not obligated, all I ask that if you can you are the link in some way that it can get viewed by more people as that is the only way we have more success for our goal. I thank you for you time and good wishes to you all.

    **Moderator's Note - No solicitation allowed on MSWorld**

    I wonder whether you need a different group??


    I think that I am reading your thread right- are you looking for a group for your wife? Is she the one with MS?

    Because this one is for the Caregivers to talk to each other. She might not find other people who actually have MS here. But this would be a great place for you to come if you need to talk.

    I think that you go to Home, Message Boards, and pick one of the forums there- like I Can Relate. I would poke around and see which of the Forums seems to fit best.

    You are welcome to this group! I just don't think that she will find anyone with MS here.

    Good luck!