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    New here

    I wanted to introduce myself. I am a 40 yr old SAHM of two girls (10 and 6). I am also a wife of 15 yrs. I have RRMS and have had it for 13 years.

    I used to belong to the MS20something for a while and then lost touch mid-way through my 30's. I've been wanting to join a new "group" for years but felt that facebook was not the right venue for me because I work professionally from there and wanted my privacy. I am hopeful that I will find it here.

    My disease is stable on Copaxone for 6 years now. I have one long term "left over" relapse disability which affects my dominant right hand and arm. I have long term weakness and numbness. The numbness in my right hand has been steadily getting worse over the last 2 years so I may be cross-posting in the other thread for assistive devices (lol).

    I am fortunate enough to be ambulatory and look like any other busy mom.

    I look forward to "meeting" you. Based off of the other topics listed I can say:

    I knew I had MS before starting a family
    I did invitro for my first, 2nd was an awesome surprise
    I did breast-feed both and felt great during pregnancy
    I believe breast-feeding is good for those with MS
    I do have fatigue at times and take nuvigil

    Hi! Nice to "meet" you.

    I'm also a mom of two, though mine are younger at 3.5 and 9 months. I also had mine after, long after, my DX. I BF, excercise as much as I can and just started Copaxone - though I was on Rebif before having my boys and it worked well for me then.

    This is the only MS board I've ever belonged to so I have no basis for comparison, but there are many super helpful and supportive posters.
    Aitch - Writer, historian, wondermom. First symptoms in my teens, DX'd in my twenties, disabled in my thirties. Still the luckiest girl in the world.


      Nice to meet you too


        my 2 miracles are 23 months and 9 months (boy and a girl! )
        I am 23 and have been dealing with my RRMS for 6yrs now. I'm taking Cop but am about to switch to either Gilenya or Tysabri.
        I'd love to make some ms-mommy friends, parenting (especially with ms) can be so very hard.
        Looking forward to hearing back from the 2 of you!


          Hi mom_2_two

          I'm a Mom of 3 and grandma of 2 ..
          You made me smile when you talked about joining the group of 20somethings...I remember that too, that was here many years ago..20,30,40 something forums..

          Welcome back and glad you are doing so well!
          Susan......... Beta Babe since 1994....I did improve "What you see depends on where you're standing" from American Prayer by Dave Stewart