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Thank you all on this forum

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    Thank you all on this forum

    I am brand new here, just joined today and have read a number of your posts. I just wanted to say thank you, most all of your posts describe my life in one aspect or another. You can say I've been hit twice by MS, my 1st wife was diagnosed in 1997, she died in a car wreck in 2000. Not something you like to remember, but in a crazy way it has helped me in my current marriage.

    Got remarried in 2007, everything was wonderful until 2009 when the shaking and numbness occurred in her right leg, loss of feeling in know the story. She was diagnosed in 2010 with MS, her's has been more active than the 1st case, shes had optical problems, arm seizures, a lot of different problems. Ironically the neuro who treated my 1st wife is also my current wifes doctor. I never realized that others who took care of loved ones had the same issues and after reading awhile, a lot worse than mine. Thanks for making me feel I'm not alone here.


    I hope you are doing OK today...

    I wondered why not one person had bothered to type a
    "YOU ARE WELCOME" to the thank you that you wrote here a long time ago...

    Its true that many persons view these posts..but so many are afraid to lay out the words and post any kind of replys.

    So please consider this your 1st "ur welcome stranger"
    and don't give up on your 2nd wife like my 2nd ex-wife did to me 9 years ago.
    Some people just can't handle or stand to see their mates deteriate?? with ex dumped me after I had to use a wheelchair and hated the "ED" in the bed
    So she found a neighbor guy that would do her better.

    You are where you are for an unknown reason that we can not comprehend..only GOD knows.
    So even if its hard..hang in there...GOD WILL BLESS
    MS'ers may not all walk-- but, we can still roll along-so lets rock-n-roll as a power mobility group I do have an extra scooter & Powerchair The cat or my caregiver won't ride with me so maybe you could?