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Ever had to wean a baby?

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    Ever had to wean a baby?

    I've decided to do dmds, so I've had to go from his never having had a bottle to full time bottles and formula. The baby is 9 months and enthusiastically eating solids. He is "mildly tolerant" of breast milk in a bottle during the day and not at all at night. I have maybe a dozen bottles pumped and frozen, but I didn't want to ramp up my supply only to quit.

    I know there are many who don't use dmds or they choose to nurse on copaxone. My thinking is that, if I had my first big exacerbation while nursing, then the protective effect of nursing either isn't enough or isn't there at all. I have three other kids to care for as well as to educate (while homeschooling is definitely our choice, it is also our only viable option based on where we live and our finances) and I have to balance their needs with the baby's.

    I could nurse on copaxone, I suppose, but I know myself well enough to know that I'd wonder if the drug had some effect on the baby for years to come. He's big, he's healthy, he'll be fine on formula for a couple of months. Plus I'm hoping that he might sleep better at night which would improve my health enormously.

    At first I tried to switch out one feeding at a time from nursing to a bottle. He countered by nursing all night long. My current plan is to go cold turkey next Friday with my husband taking him at night and I'll bottle feed during the day. Unless maybe someone else has a better suggestion?

    I nursed the previous three for two years each until they self-weaned so I have no previous experience withy this.

    Anyone btdt? The pro-nursing folks just try to talk me out of weaning and the bottle feeding people have no experience with an exclusively breasted 9 month old.

    I just weaned my 10.5 month old this last February cold turkey after my first MS attack. I woke up numb on me left side one morning and within a couple of days I couldn't move or feel my left leg and foot, I had double vision, my entire left side was so week I couldn't pick up my baby. This was my first noticeable attack but my MRI showed three active and several old lesions.

    I spent four days in the hospital receiving steroids and a few other meds. My husband and baby stayed with me at the hospital and we had to buy formula and bottles for the baby. He had never had formula before. He wasn't very happy about it at first but after two days it seemed he completely forgot about nursing and was taking the bottle without any problems.

    While in the hospital I used a pump just enough to alleviate any pain. I only did that for three days and then stopped, it seemed to take forever to dry up which was annoying especially since with my first two I dried up almost overnight way before I was ready.

    I wasn't ready to stop but I felt like with all the meds I took in the hospital and then going on rebif long term weaning him was the best for him. A big positive has been the night help, he still occasionally wakes up at night but my husband takes care of him most nights so I get a good nights sleep.

    Good luck, you are an amazing mom!



      Does he drink out of a cup? He's more apt to take a bottle from his dad than you, if my grandbabies are any indication. Go online and check the Farmers Almanac. It will tell which days are better for weaning, don't laugh it's worth trying.
      Cabbage leafs will help your supply dry up. Stick them inside your bra.
      Good luck!


        With my last baby I had to wean him abruptly because I was hospitalized with a life-threatening infection requiring a medication that was not compatible with breast feeding. I was really sick so maybe that contributed to my milk drying up really quickly, maybe over 2 - 3 days.

        At first he baby took a bottle better from my husband, since if I was holding him he could smell me and wanted breast feeding. Since my infection had started as mastitis which then spread to the bloodstream I was advised not to breastfeed any longer as the infection could recur. My son grew up just fine despite being fed formula, and by the time I was home from the hospital he was willing to take a bottle from me too.


          Thank you!

          The big day is Friday. I'm not looking forward to it, but I'll be so happy to get this behind me.


            Not a baby, but I weaned DS1 cold turkey at 18 months to go back on R.ebif. There was a week of awfulness then things got better.

            It's different with a baby, but if your LO is hungry enough they'll take a bottle.

            Good luck.
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              3 totally different experiences with each baby. DD #1 was really difficult, she was 5 months, had to go cold turkey. DS couldn't get on the bottle fast enough, it required less sucking. DD #2 is lactose intolerant and also can't tolerate soy, so she had to go on this special formula early, no weaning required.

              Now they are 26, 23 and 21 so things have changed so much. Also, at that time Maternity Leave was only 17 weeks so having to go home at lunch to pump really stank! Sometimes my blouse would fit in the a.m. but buttons were ready to burst by lunch.

              Good luck, please let us know how you make out.
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                I was going to recommend a cup as well, but I see you were weaning this past Friday.

                How did it go ?