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Should I buy a Convection range?

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    Should I buy a Convection range?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm shopping for a range and I'd appreciate anyone's input.

    My goal is to purchase an appliance that might allow me to bake more often.
    Electric Convection Ovens seem to get good reviews online.
    Anyone familiar with these?

    Gas isn't an option where we live.
    Because convection ovens cook at a slightly lower temp and faster than conventional, regular ovens, it seems like a good option (maybe?).

    DH and I live below the Mason-Dixon line where for much of the year it's hot and humid.
    It's quite a bit of money to spend and I don't want to make a mistake.

    Thank you for any advice or thoughts on this.

    I just had to replace my wall oven and It will do both convection and regular backing I like it as it does cook things a little faster an at alower temperature --it seems to have a more even temp in the whole oven -- no hot spots
    My biggest problem is I can not lift heavy things out of the oven so I have to plan my baking around when I have help getting things out
    In the wall oven it was not that much of a difference in the price but wall oven s are more expensive than a range.


      A friend just got one and loves it. Hers has a feature where you put int he time and temp for conventional baking, and the oven converts it to convection cooking so that there is no guessing. I definitely want a convection oven when mine dies.


        A convection oven is the best IMHO, at least from an MS perspective. The heat circulates in the oven = not having to flip things over half way through cooking. It also cooks things a bit faster and more evenly. Please let us know what you choose and how you like it!
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          I don't know if a convection oven is better for MS?

          The convection oven cook faster because cold food is found to have a "barrier" that slows simple heating (esp frozen food). The air pushes off the barrier and the item cooks faster.

          So, the benefit is it saves time.
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