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A take from a 23 year old whose mom has had MS all of his life.

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    Thank you for your post! It was something that brought tears to my eyes tonight. I really needed to hear your positive and understanding thoughts. I worry everyday about how ms affects my children (and will in the future).


      Hi Mike -- Thank you SO much for posting this. My fiance (27 yrs old) and I (26 yrs old) just found out yesterday that he has RRMS. We are getting married in May 2014 and desperately want to start a family in about 3 years (after he finishes his MBA program). It's so wonderful to hear from someone who found that having a parent with MS wasn't the horrendous experience some people make it out to be!

      We are new to this and pretty scared, so thank you for your post, which made things just a little bit easier!

      God bless.