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Blogging to keep my sense of humor

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    Blogging to keep my sense of humor

    Hi there everyone,

    I'm new to this community and relatively new to my MS diagnosis (Sept '09). I have a toddler and am navigating the disease / treatment while playing with my 2-year old daughter. I'm sure I'm not alone and I'm happy to find a forum to connect with others who are parenting with MS.

    Lately I've been blogging as a way to share my experiences with friends and family. It really helps me to keep a sense of humor about all of this and remember what's important. I'd highly recommend it!!

    If anyone is interested in following, the blog is at
    **personal website URL removed by Moderator in compliance with MSWorld guidelines. this may be put in your profile, or made into your MSWorld Homepage**

    One request -- If any of you have blogs or websites about parenting with MS, Swank recipes, life on Rebif, or raising a toddler, please let me know! I'd love to follow it!

    Great to be here. Thanks for your support!


    I'm so new at this... Finally read the rules and I realize now that posting a URL isn't allowed in the posts. I've placed it on my profile in case anyone is interested. Thanks!


      Hi Jennifer,

      I just stated blogging as well. It's fun and gives me something to do.

      I have just gone back on the Swank Diet and actually I am going to start posting some recipes on my blog.

      To get to my blog (I made it my MSWorld homepage), all you have to do is click on my name in any post I have made and you can get to it by clicking on "visit skeezix's home page". You should put your blog address in your profile, or make it your MSWorld homepage as well.

      There is a blog site that has a list of MS bloggers. I am sure some of those blogges have toddlers. Just google; Carnival of MS Bloggers.

      Take care and happy blogging!
      dx. rrms Nov/09. Not using DMD's.
      Life is too short to wear boring socks.


        I'm excited to check out your blog and the other rec, too!! Will have to wait until my daughter's bedtime, though... She just woke up from her nap and I can hear her yelling, "Mommy! Come get me!"

        Thanks for the info! I've put my blog URL on my profile (assuming I did it right). I'll work on making it my homepage tonight.

        Thanks again!


          thx but . . .

          hollo, thx for ur blog site ... i havent time to read it tho cuz i am a single mom to 2 very hyper kids, a boy who is 6 and a girl who will be 5 in a week. i have my hands full. i go to grad school to get my mba, look for a job, and attend sat classes to get a certification....i just started dating 4 the 1st time in 3 years......on top of all this, i have MS. my biggest symptoms are dizzy/no balance, numb hands, depression and fatique. the last 2 r my biggest personal challenges & makes my waking moments sucky no matter what....this site makes me feel real, believe it or not. i also have a severe hearing loss unrelated to the MS and wear hearing aids.

          nice 2 meet u.


            I blog about raising my toddler. Link in profile
            Aitch - Writer, historian, wondermom. First symptoms in my teens, DX'd in my twenties, disabled in my thirties. Still the luckiest girl in the world.