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Probable MS?

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    Probable MS?

    My husband is in the process of being tested for MS. He had a MRI and the neurologist said that he had "fluid built up on his brain." The neuro said it was probably MS. He gave my husband prescription material for meds used to treat MS (rebif and copaxone). This all occured on the 2nd appt with the neurologist. The neuro then told my husband that he needed to have a spinal tap to confirm MS. So my husband had that on Tuesday and we are waiting on the results.

    Has anyone else been told that they have "fluid" on the brain and that meant it was probably MS?

    I've never heard of fluid on the brain being indicative of MS. I've always heard that it's the presence of lesions.

    Can you call the doctor and have him clarify his statement?

    Perhaps the spinal tap will help solidify a diagnosis.

    Be well,