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Major venting..plz don't be offended...

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    thank you for you input

    There are pleanty of things that many people with MS can do in the household to contribute even with the fatigue.

    Make sure the house is set at a cool enough setting.

    Maybe folding laundry is something that she can do. Adapting on all people's part is required. It may take her all day to fold the laundry but if that is what it takes then good. Make sure the laundry is not fresh out of the dryer and therefore to hot.

    Or maybe it is the matter of putting clothes in the washer and transferring the clothes to the dryer. Have everyone else responsible for getting laundry to the laundry room/area.

    Cooking or assisting in cooking including her child in this is a great family activity. Chopping onions or vegetables at the table is a great compromise. Measuring things out for recipies is a good thing. Having the child and granchild work together at reading and retrieving some of the ingredients to work on the recipie together.

    And I assuming that you have confronted her about her being able to go out with friends and maybe you need to resort to if you are to fatigued to help around the house then your time with your friends should be limited to visiting at your house after she has helped maintain the house. Part of the rules of livning in the household.
    God Bless and have a good day, Mary


      You really don't have to take it HereToLearn. At the end of the day, it's still your house and she's living there. She may not be a child, but rules still need to be followed. MS is *not* an excuse to bully people, especially family. Yes, MS is debilitating, but I believe we all can contribute in some way. If your daughter chooses not to do so, it might be time to set some boundaries.

      We all have to learn to deal with our own flaws. Sometimes it takes longer for some to do that. Please don't walk away feeling that everyone who has MS lords it over everyone else and uses it to get their way. It does take us awhile to cope and adjust, but I feel like once we've done that, we're pretty reasonable