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    My DD was 3 when I was diagnosed. It annoys me when people with M.S. think they are just as good of mothers as they would be if they were healthy. I say, that would be nice, but I think it is something we tell ourselves to cope with the guilt.

    DD is active, so the video and board games in bed were a joke. Healthy kids want like nothing better than physical play. It is so sad when I sit next to a window and take pictures while my DD builds a snowman all by herself during those snow days off from school!

    Husband is healthy and can play with her, but heck, he has to put in every hour of overtime he possibly can as I stopped bringing home a paycheck years ago. This disease cut our household income in half overnight!

    The bigger worry I have is passing along my bad genes. She may forgive me for being a lame duck, slug of a mother, but could she ever forgive me if she got M.S.

    So, yes one and done. This is not motherhood the way I ever imagined, and as a result, my daughter has been robbed. So have I, thanks to this stinkin' disease!
    Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2004; First sign of trouble: 1994


      Hi Guzzy,
      I know this post is from a very long time ago but it is an issue I have been struggling with for years and I too have finally come to an "almost peaceful" decision to not have anymore children. I have an adorable, very energetic, 5 year old son and while I love him to pieces it is not always easy raising a child and having to deal with MS. I am finally feeling great and feel very lucky that I am a pretty "healthy sick" person. I just can't seem to take the chance I will recover from another pregnancy and the relapse that happens after. I feel like I have to be the best I can for the child I have already brought in this world. So I try to count my blessings instead of my obstacles and I guess it will get easier the more peace I make with this decision.
      Good Luck to you and thanks for your posts, they helped me by reading it!


        Same dilemma

        Hi, I can relate to the angst you felt coming to your decision. I have a gorgeous 9 month old son, I'm 30 and I want to give him a sibling in the future but it all depends on what happens with my MS and if Copaxone is right for me.

        We've got time to think about it as my neurologist wants to give Copaxone a year and in only started it in August, however I had an attack in November that hasn't resolved yet... If I need to try another DMD then that will rule out trying for another child. So I'm hoping nothing gets worse and we have time to make this decision based on what is best for us.

        Thanks for posting this thread as it has provided a lot of food for thought.


          Nice to see my thread is still reaching others.

          It is a tough decision and funny that you posted recently Jen, because over the weekend I went to see a good friend who's recently had a baby. I held her son in my arms and now, at 41, I felt that having a baby was no longer even a possibility if I'd even chosen it. It was a sadness, but not so raw as before.

          You are still young and I hope so much it goes well for you, whatever you eventually decide. I hope your relapse does clear up and you remain stable for years to come.

          My son is so outgoing and happy. He would have loved a sibling, I know that, and I'll always feel sad I couldn't have had another, but I am damn lucky to have him. Cousins and friends all come and stay, play etc. It is a welcoming house here. Sometimes we have to count our blessings.

          Good luck in the future