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Bike to the Bay chapter 2

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    Bike to the Bay chapter 2

    So after my spinal tap and another MRI my neurologist told myself and my wife the diagnosis, and my wife says" and he thinks he is still going to do the Bike to the Bay" to which the neurologist replied" I know I am sponsoring his team". The organizers of the ride weren't as supportive however, and tried to dissuade me from taking part that first year... But I persisted and eventually they developed a program called "I ride with MS " and treat MSers as honored guests with special perks. So all told I have taken part in the ride sixteen times, 8 prior to my diagnosis and 8 after.

    Wow. Awesome feat! I would always see the honorary jerseys MS patients wore when riding. Thank you for helping start that recognition and also for raising funds.
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri


      Hey Robert!

      Good for you participating in so many Bike to the Bay events for MS!

      I'm very familiar with the Bike to the Bay, as I am in Northwest Ohio too.

      I participated in the MS Walks for many years, but never the Bike to the Bay.

      PS I also retired from the USPS (on disability in 2004).

      I was a clerk at the Processing and Distribution Center on S. St. Clair Street in Toledo.

      In any case, welcome to our community here at MSWorld!

      PPMS for 26 years (dx 1998)
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        Thanks for reaching out, I retired out of south st Clair also officially old West End but the put us all down there


          Sorry you were diagnosed with MS, but it's awesome you continued to be part of this event.

          My husband and some of his co-workers participated in Bike MS for a few years with some of his coworkers after I'd already been diagnosed. It was his boss's idea. They did it for me, which was totally unexpected and a kind gesture of support. I've been through some really rough times with my MS. It's a two day, weekend event and the teams set up tents to stay in overnight, but our family stayed at a hotel. It'd have been hard for me to stay in a tent, because of my mobility challenges and heat and cold intolerance from my MS. Food and drinks were provided for a small fee, which was nice. It takes place annually in Frankenmuth,MI. It's a cool tourist town with German architecture, and the "World's Largest Christmas Store," Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.

          Grateful for all the people who try to raise awareness and money to support those us diagnosed with MS. Thanks for being one of them!​

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