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    Quote -

    "To describe, it feels like a quick vibration in my left foot, maybe 2-3 seconds, and then it goes away for 5-10 seconds. "

    I just want to say, so many of the symptoms you have listed are like what I have been through. And yes I have had the "Cell Phone buzzing" ! 2-3 seconds and then gone for hours and then 2 -3 seconds again .. at first I thought I thought it was coming through the floor ! Also had numb feet - can't feel if hot or cold and pins and needles (they are warm to touch my partner says).

    And yes I have had the flashing at night too .. i went to the optometrist and he said its probably just the eyeball stretching or something like that .. it went away.

    The very painful legs (at night for me mostly) the terrible headaches .. even the itching, I get it on my head .. I have cream for it but dosn't help much .. I can itch until it bleeds .. i just have to force myself not to.

    Good luck !