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Help/advice as going through exact same thing

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  • pennstater
    Hello morning,

    I am sorry your mother is experiencing this, as well as the impact on your family. I can only imagine how difficult your days and nights are.

    How old is your mother? What does her neurologist say about her condition and symptom management?

    I wish I had knowledge to share that could help ease your mind, but I don't. Maybe knowing a little more about your mother might help others to respond.

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  • Mamabug
    Hi Morning!

    I see this is your first post, and I noticed that no one responded to you. I moved it over to our Tell Us About Yourself forum from here: ( it might be more likely to be noticed by others.

    I wish that I had some helpful advice for you. When I read your post, and the post that you responded to, it reminded me of symptoms that I used to experience about 10 years ago. For me, my MS flares were atypical in that, when I was in a flare, I experienced manic symptoms and sometimes psychosis and other things. I turned into "someone I'm not".

    My MS doctors didn't know how to treat my mental health symptoms. The mental health specialists (psychiatrists, etc) didn't know how to treat the MS. I experienced flares of this magnitude once or twice a year for about 7 years, ending up as an inpatient in a mental health facility for 1-3 weeks each time. The treatment that eventually worked, each time, for me, was to treat it as an MS flare, with high doses of steroids.

    Eventually, I switched from a general neurologist to an MS Specialist. She changed my MS med to one that was more effective for me in 2008, and I've not been hospitalized or had an MS flare in years.

    I'm not sure any of that will be helpful in your mother's situation. But I wanted to share my experience.

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  • morning
    started a topic Help/advice as going through exact same thing

    Help/advice as going through exact same thing

    Hi Mirey, i know its been a few years since your last thread here. I came across your thread after searching the internet for someone who was going through the same thing as I. My mother is exactly the same as you describe in your thread. Its not her mobility really (although she is unsteady/stumbles/falls), its more her cognitive issues. Its like she has Alzheimers. Its heartbreaking to watch. Does your wife have trouble sleeping. As we here do not get any sleep. She wakes at 12, 2,3,4,5 and gets up at 6. This is constant. I am not sure how she functions as we are constantly exhausted. Sleeping tablets do not work. Its like they get her to sleep, but they don't make her brain activity tired so she wakes up insisting she has to do things like go shopping, collect the children from school etc. she has child like tantrums regulary and has developed obsessions with certain items in the house and they need to be a certain way.
    Do you have any advice for me?