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Abbreviations & acronyms

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    Abbreviations & acronyms

    Family and friends
    bil = brother in law
    bf = boyfriend or best friend
    dd = dear daughter
    dh = dear husband
    ds = dear son
    dw = dear wife
    fil = father in law
    gf = girlfriend
    mil = mother in law
    sil = sister in law
    so = significant other

    Emotions and word abbreviations
    BTW = by the way
    IIRC = if I remember correctly
    IMO = in my opinion
    IMHO = In my humble opinion
    lol = laughing out loud
    rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
    roflmbo = rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
    tia = thanks in advance
    fwiw = for what its worth

    AFO = Ankle/Foot Orthotic
    CRABs = Copaxone, Rebif, Avonex, Betaseron
    DMD/DMT = Disease Modifying Drug/Disease Modifying Treatment
    DO = Doctor of Osteopathic medicine
    dx = diagnosis or diagnosed
    EEG = Electroencephalography (brain)
    EKG = Electrocardiogram (heart)
    EMG = Electromyography (muscles)
    IPIR = immediate post-injection reaction (refers to the possible reaction that some get from a Copaxone injection)
    IVIG = intravenous immunoglobulin (blood product administered intravenously)
    ldn = low dose naltrexone
    LP = Lumbar Puncture
    MRI = Magnetic resonance imaging
    MSAA = Multiple Sclerosis Association of America
    MSW = MS World
    NCV = Nerve Conduction Velocity
    NMO - Neuromyelitis optica
    NMSS = National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    ON = Optic Neuritis
    OT = occupational therapy
    PCP= Personal Care Physician/Primary Care Physician
    PPMS = primary progressive multiple sclerosis
    PRMS = Progressive - relapsing MS
    PT = physical therapy
    PWC = power wheelchair
    RRMS = relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
    rx = prescription/medication
    SPMS = secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
    sx = symptom/s
    TM = Transverse Myelitis
    TN = Trigeminal Neuralgia
    tx = treatment/s
    UA = urine analysis
    UTI = Urinary Tract Infection
    VEP= Visual Evoked Potential
    WC = wheelchair
    CAMs = Complementary and Alternative Medicines
    PM = private message
    SHG = Self-help group
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    Ashley Ringstaff
    MSWorld Volunteer
    Living with MS since 8/30/10