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    SSDI Transplants Long Term Disability


    I have been doing well, no major issues as far as MS symptoms until... This past October I had to have a liver and a kidney transplant, doing well but I have had issues. During this time I was on FMLA and short time disability. I am now on long term with my work. I was going to try to go to work, but they no longer have a position for me. Which I guess is good because honestly I don't think I can. The long term is pushing me to apply for disability so I have applied with a company they approved of. I am not sure that the liver and kidney issues will get me there but with addition of MS do you think it will?

    Thank you,

    I don't know right off. I mean I had trouble with MS, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. I would think though that an organ transplant would put you high on the list.


      Under Social Security's rules, a person who undergoes certain types of transplants, including a liver transplant, should automatically qualify for disability for at least a year after the transplant. (The rule for this is called Listing 5.09). Most of the time, your long term disability insurer will require you to file for SSDI, and will actually pay your attorney's fee for filing for SSDI. You can hire any attorney you like.
      Attorney Jamie R. Hall's practice is focused on assisting individuals with claims and appeals for Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability benefits. He has assisted claimants nationwide, approximately half of whom are MS patients, from his Pennsylvania and Ohio locations. **No attorney/client relationship is created by this communication, and information provided herein is not a substitute for formal advisement.**


        Best wishes, BlueManda.

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