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highly recommend hiring Jamie Hall for SSDI representation

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    highly recommend hiring Jamie Hall for SSDI representation

    The decision to accept that MS impacted my ability to work was extremely difficult. Once I decided to apply for SSDI, I became paralyze by all the steps. There is a wealth of information out there, and I wanted to expedite the process. I made the decision to hire Jamie Hall to represent me, and never regretted it. From the date of application in mid June to the date of approval earlier this week, he and his employees were there to answer questions in a timely manner. They helped with all the paperwork required, and filed the claim for me. They contacted folks at the SSA when I got was confused or conflicted about how to proceed and got me answers. I felt like I had Jamie's full attention whenever I needed it. This is an unsolicited recommendation for anyone who is ready to take the huge step of leaving your place of employment. Hire him. Don't go it alone. I give his office 4 stars.
    Everyone should plant a few trees they are never going to sit under.

    Nice to know. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Faith
    MSWorld Volunteer -- Moderator since JUN2012
    (now a Mimibug)

    Symptoms began in JAN02
    - Dx with RRMS in OCT03, following 21 months of limbo, ruling out lots of other dx, and some "probable stroke" and "probable CNS" dx for awhile.
    - In 2008, I was back in limbo briefly, then re-dx w/ MS: JUL08

    - Betaseron NOV03-AUG08; Copaxone20 SEPT08-APR15; Copaxone40 APR15-present
    - Began receiving SSDI / LTD NOV08. Not employed. I volunteer in my church and community.