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Corona Virus and Unemployment

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    Corona Virus and Unemployment

    Hello there. Been a while since I've been here. I was looking for information on SSDI/Unemployment. Since many people currently on SSDI work part-time to help make ends meet and considering the current pandemic, will unemployment count as income for SSDI? With the new $600/week that covers part-time workers, will the SSA count that as income or as unearned income? I searched the SSA website and could only find information on the economic impact payment.

    Thanks in advance!

    Any help?

    Sorry no response wholenewworld. Bumping up, hoping someone with knowledge sees.
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      I haven't found a clear answer to this. I would encourage you to call SSA (Social Security Administration) at 1 (800) 772-1213 if you don't have an answer yet.

      I'm sort of surprised that no one has responded. I would expect that the answer to this question might affect others too.
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        I didn't see anything on either.

        Here is an informative link from the autism society. It walks thru how SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, and SNAP benefits are impacted by pandemic related unemployment and assistance.

        For your specific question, it states that unemployment is treated as unearned income and not subject to SGA limits. The federation for the blind has a similar statement.

        Given that it is not a government or legal site, I would still call SSA and confirm.
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          One of the ways the SSA interprets the law is by issuing "POMS," or clarifications under the Program Operations Manual System. POMS SI 00830-230 states that the SSA's policy is for federal and state unemployment assistance to be counted as unearned income. Although it does not specifically reference the additional $600 payment, the fact that the $600 payment is clearly identified as a federal unemployment payment should place it in the unearned income category.

          Assuming the above is true -- and you should confirm this with your local Social Security Office -- the additional funds should not impact ongoing SSDI eligibility for those who were previously approved and have left part time work. For those on SSI, however, the additional funds would be counted as income and reduce the claimant's benefit amount during receipt.

          Individuals now looking to apply for SSDI, and who have recently left full time work, should carefully consider whether to collect unemployment. Checking the 'able and available' box in the unemployment application can be problematic in an SSDI claim, especially for individuals who were previously working full time and are under age 50.

          Again, we are all trying to learn how these new datasets will be interpreted by the SSA, and the SSA has not rushed to provide guidance. Before taking definitive action, you should confirm information with the SSA.
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