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New to Medicare and lost on what to do

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    New to Medicare and lost on what to do

    So I was approved for Disability in September after an ALJ hearing. My approval was for three years back. Since it was my third attempt, I never imagined that I would get approved so fast and so far back. I had 17 years experience in LTC health insurance and all of the Med Supp/Advantage plans occurred as I was downsized out of my job so I know nothing. I am lost as to what I need to do but I understand that I don't have dental, vision, or chiropractic care. I don't know if I need to pick Part D or Med Supp/Advantage plans or if I can since I am 48. Although I am grateful to have insurance, I need help! I live in Indiana and am thinking of reaching out to a few agents I used to work with in order to get an idea of what I need to do.

    Thanks for listening.


    PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a big favor, stay away from any managed care plans and go on straight Medicare with a supplement and prescription drug plan. The managed care plans look attractive until you look a little deeper. With straight Medicare there are no restrictions, no in networks, no checking with primary before seeing a specialist, no checking with the insurance companies.You can go to any doctor or hospital you want to in the US that accepts Medicare without checking with anybody.

    What I like about straight Medicare and supplement is that the insurance company has no say over anything. If Medicare pays the insurance company has to pay the their share.

    Donít wait to long, you only have three months before you are eligible for Medicare and three months after you are eligible to be guaranteed to be accepted without being medically qualified for a supplement and MS would disqualify you for said supplement.

    Janine, I am pretty much up to date on Medicare so if you have any questions fire away.

    Full disclosure, I do not have MS. My wife does.




      Thank you Bob for your knowledge and advice. I forgot how to get to this forum/website but I only chose a prescription plan to start so I can get a feel for what I truly need.