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The Importance of a Prescription for Your Cane

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    The Importance of a Prescription for Your Cane

    I've assisted many MS patients who frequently use -- and need -- a cane or walker, but have never been formally prescribed the device by their neurologist. Often times, the claimant simply began using it on their own. At the next appointment, the neurologist saw a cane was being used and verbally agreed with its use, but didn't see a need to formally prescribe the device, even though it was medically necessary.

    Why get a prescription for something you already have? Social Security will commonly rely on the prescription date as the date on which the device was medically necessary. A formal prescription from the treating neurologist places this date in stone, and dramatically simplifies the issue.

    The moral of my post: if you use a cane or walker, and it has never been prescribed by your neurologist, ask him or her to place a prescription on file at your next visit.

    Good luck!
    Attorney Jamie R. Hall's practice is focused on assisting individuals with claims and appeals for Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability benefits. He has assisted claimants nationwide, approximately half of whom are MS patients, from his Pennsylvania and Ohio locations. **No attorney/client relationship is created by this communication, and information provided herein is not a substitute for formal advisement.**

    Thanks for the tip Jamie!
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