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Thyroid problems

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    Thyroid problems

    I was recently told that I have overactive thyroids. Looking back I can see where this probably started over a year ago - weight loss, nauseous feeling, neck and head pains (not headaches exactly) and feeling generally crappy. I put the total fatigue and the hot and cold sensitivity down to MS.

    My endocrinologist told me that my levels are 500 (normal is 160 ) but that he has to determine if it is graves disease or not in order to know how to treat me. I was scheduled to have testing done today, but received a phone call yesterday that this test requires a pre-cert, so it has been postponed until that is approved.

    I have visited Dr. Google, but the terms used are beyond me. All that I can understand is possible surgery and meds for the rest of my life . OR just meds for the rest of my life. And oh, BTW these meds aren't friendly to the rest of my body.

    I feel that I don't know enough about what is going on with this, and about the possible outcomes of any suggested treatments. If anyone else has this problem and is willing to talk about it I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thyroid problem

    I also have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid and living with MS. Although
    I have not had any symptoms my bloodwork identified it. My GP then sent me to
    an endocrinologist of which I just completed this week a thyroid uptake and scan.
    I am scheduled to hear the results 11.29. Oh boy!!!!!!

    Good luck to you

    Leo L.


      leo - It sounds like you are going to be my go-to for questions .

      It sounds great that this was caught without you having any symptoms, but I imagine that would make it harder to accept the need for any treatments. Hoping that you find out that this is manageable so that you never have to suffer through the symptoms of an overactive thyroid . Best wishes on the 29th!

      I still haven't heard anything about re-scheduling this test ! It is frustrating to say the least. And worrisome too. I liken this to having a car in neutral and revving the motor. Burning up gas like crazy and damaging the motor while going nowhere . Being a holiday week I am not really expecting to get it scheduled for this week, but maybe next week.