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    Which is which?

    I was diagnosed in 2002, after a major exacerbation which presented with predominantly mobility issues. I have had vision issues my entire life, starting with a lazy eye at age 2. I have worn glasses my entire life. I was dx with blepharitis in 2007. In 2012 I moved to the desert and eye issues began in earnest (now dx as myboan gland dysfunction). I began having ON issues and cataract issues in 2013. Cataract surgery in 2018, followed by intense ON created many recovery issues. Since that time my dry eye issues have grown out of control. Since many of the symptoms of mgd and ON are similar, I cannot tell which is causing me to lose 2 days a week to vision issues that prevent me from seeing. What kind of treatment have others found was effective for ON?

    For MS patients, optical neuritis is often treated as a neurological event and possibly treated with steroids. Some neurologists prefer to wait and let ON improve on it's own, while others seek to reduce the inflammation via oral or IV steroids.

    So steroids do not directly treat the ON in the same manner that antibiotics are used to directly treat a bacterial infection.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you. Hopefully, someone else does.

    I wish you well.


      Are you on a prescription for dry eyes? I have that issue and OTC drops weren't providing the relief. Now, the Rx is usually enough, but during some periods, have to supplement with the OTC drops.

      As for ON, like Marco said, neuros treat differently. There have been some studies that said steroids weren't really that effective for ON. But some believe it does help resolve it quicker.

      If your eyesight is good with the exception of a few days each week, it may not be ON. I thought ON was more consistently there. But if you have had ON before, it could be that if tired or overheated, you have symptoms. Do they go away if you are rested and out of the heat?

      Lots of luck to you.
      DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri