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Long term effects for Optic Neuritis.

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    Long term effects for Optic Neuritis.

    Hello, all. I have had ON in my right eye 4 times. Over time, my right eye has developed a permanent blurry spot in the bottom corner. Glasses don't help. It makes it difficult to work on a computer during my 12 hr shifts. By the end of the day, my eye is cloudy. Does anyone else have permanent damage? How do you work around it?


    Many people have said it can take up to a year.

    Have you seen an optical neurologist?

    Some people I have talked to use amber sunglasses to cut down on computer eye stain.
    God Bless and have a good day, Mary



      Oh, yes. I was at the eye clinic twice in the last few months. Once for my annual checkup with my neuro opthomologist and then again, a few weeks later to confirm that I do not have optic neuritis at this time. There has been a lot of dammage that glasses won't fix (though I wear glasses). It's been 2 years since my last flare, which left me with this blurry spot that has never gotten better. I have gone all summer with it being blurry and constantly tearing up.
      I see my MS doc in December, but he is aware of the eye issue.