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Retinal thinning

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    Retinal thinning

    Yesterday I had my fourth or fifth trip to the Ophthalmologist to have (yet more) retinal holes lasered.

    I had quite an interesting conversation with the Ophthalmologist about it this time as we've got to know each other quite well after all this. I asked him whether the holes were being caused by thinning in the periphery of my retina as this is where the holes are every single time. His answer was "yes, most likely", meaning that this is probably going to be an ongoing thing for me pretty much forever. (Thank goodness for medical insurance I was thinking at this point as I'd never get the laser surgery in the public sector ).

    The thing I find most interesting is that I've apparently never had ON, but do have what looks like MS damage to my eyes.

    Just thought I would post this as I know there has been a bit written in the literature about monitoring for retinal thinning being a possible way of seeing what is happening in the way of MS disease progression.

    Thanks for sharing. I have had ON once, but thankfully, no thinning of the retinal. I do get an OCT annually to check.

    I guess with MS, ON is only one symptom that can affect the eye. Glad you have options to repair some of the sight for you.
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri