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Central serous retinopathy

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    Central serous retinopathy

    I have central serous retinopathy. It can be caused by steroid use. Apparently my OCT scan shows evidence it's been building up for quite some time (after 13 years of MS flares being treated with high dose steroids I would guess so). What I was surprised to hear from my retinal specialist is that central serous retinopathy is considered rare and my neuro even said it's even rarely seen in the ms community. Even after all the steroids we pump in our veins,!?!

    CSR and MS are not related. In fact my optic nerves are perfect and I have never had vision issues due to my MS.

    Anyone else out there have Central Serous Retinopathy? Did it go away? I've had it 4.5 months now and while there has been improvement it's no where near being gone. I now know I have to avoid steroids at all costs or it will get worse. Symptoms are similar to macular degeneration with the wavy lines and dark spots. It's like a pimple under the retina. The fluid under my pimple has gone down which is a plus, but my retinal layers are still distorted so my vision hasn't improved yet.

    I was diagnosed with central serous retinopathy about 10 years ago. The distortion because of central serious retinopathy lasted for about 5-6 months. My vision did get better but it is still poor. I was also told that this disease is rare.