Hi all, I have SPMS with multiple symptoms. There's always something going on, life is not boring in the MS department.

In the past few months I have started losing vision in my right eye went I flex my neck to look down, or when I turn my head in certain directions. I can tell when it's going to get bad, as first there's a few pinpoints of light that flash across my vision. If I do not pay attention to those warnings, and keep my neck flexed, then my vision will either become all kaleidescopes or it will get dark clouds and opaque clouds over the entire field of vision. And, my eyeball will start to hurt.

Once I straighten up my neck, it takes about 1/2-1 hour for my vision to return to baseline.

The majority of my worst lesions are located on C2-3 and on my brain stem.

Soooo is this and MS thing? It's scaring me. I always thought of wheelchairs, not vision loss. I will be seeing my neurologist on January 18.

Thanks for any ideas or experience you can share.