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Eye issues after stopping Tecfidera?

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    Eye issues after stopping Tecfidera?

    I took Tecfidera for four weeks in November/beginning of December and then had to stop.

    During the wash-out period, my eyes started to get a burning pain sensation and really dry. They got so dry that I couldn't sleep because it felt like there was no moisture to keep my eyes closed (I kept needing to blink). I've tried eye drops (both regular and gel) but they don't seem to help.

    My eyes are still dry (not as bad when I go to sleep) but now, at different times during the day, they will get watery and start to tear. The burning pain is not letting up and in the morning and at night my eyes are bloodshot (they don't seem to be as bloodshot during the day). I also feel like my eyeballs are a bit stiff in movement.

    I have no vision issues because of all this. I don't see white/black spots, lines, floaters, etc.

    I've had optic neuritis before but, I don't know, this feels a bit different.

    Has anyone had this happen after stopping Tecfidera?

    I stopped as well...

    Hi - I stopped taking Tecfidera as well due to several problems. In my case I had severe fungus infections and a running nose for 2 hours a day.
    Than my toe nails became blue. After I stopped taking Tecfidera all symptoms stopped. Now I worry about the MS ...
    I keep talking to my Neuro -
    Good luck to you and keep taking Fish-oil