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    Vision Loss

    I woke up on Thursday morning with no vision in my right eye. It happened so suddenly but after weeks of a stabbing pain on and off.

    I regained vision after an hour or so, but was very foggy and blurry all day.

    I have PPMS and it seems this is just another progression symptom.

    Anyone have a similar experience?

    knock on wood, I have never had a vision problem from MS. IM primary progressive also. I hope this continues as I would love to say the same thing for a long long time.
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      I lost color vision in my right eye for about a month 10 years ago but it came back. About 8 months ago I thought I needed a change in my prescription (I didn't) because my eyesigt had gone funky - kind of shadowy and not totally clear. My eye doctor didn't find anything wrong and said it could be neurological (MS). My neurologist saw evidence of a new exacerbation on my last MRI which was probably the eye. Weirder still-it's my right eye again.


        Two years ago at the end of May I went to bed fine and woke up with double vision. I was only able to function with the use of a patch...which earned me several nicknames Especially from my kids (aged 8-14 at the time) since I drive a 'boat' (Suburban). Anyway, the double vision lasted almost four months, didn't get any better or worse and then in about a weeks time it gradually got better until I was back to normal. Haven't had any issue with it since...knocking hard on wood. It was miserable! With one eye it was so hard to participate in life. I went to my kid's baseball games but I couldn't enjoy them cause with the patch it was doable but still not great with only one eye. I am so thankful it was only for a few months and nothing that ended up being permanent...
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          KatPem ...

          just wondering if you ever had an explanation for your double vision? I also had four months' worth of double vision, which also resolved over about a week.

          Truestory .. did you contact your neuro or opthamologist about this? PPMS or otherwise, it seems like this would be something that should be treated.


            I contacted both my Neuro and family Doctor. They noted it on my file and that was about it.

            I've had the blurriness and double vision for about 6 months or so. It sort of comes and goes. Generally it's been 2 good says for every 5 bad days...


              I get this, I am SPMS. Mine is from a lesion in my brainstem per my neurologist and neuro-ophthalmologist. It comes on at times when the lesion is active and lasts for weeks to months, then just stops. I could ask for IVSM for it, but don't.

              Truestory: I don't know what yours is from the pattern is so random. Since you are PPMS, it could be the same thing though. I would certainly ask about it.

              Hope you both get some answers...doesn't make it go away, but it does give you some peace of mind to know what is going on.

              Take care
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                People have such radically different symptoms through all of this!!! It's insane!

                I'm having an MRI with contrast in December on both my brain and spine. Maybe that'll explain the weirdness of it and all the active lesions.


                  I get double vision sometimes, also sometimes foggy/shady, and light spots, flashes & sensitivity to light & eye twitching, the twitching seems to be my right eye only.