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Vertical misalignment, recent onset ...

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    Vertical misalignment, recent onset ...

    along with inability to hold sustained gaze upwards. Does anyone else here have anything like this? Actual symptoms are shadowing of letters, double vision and falling (although I also have a positive Rhomberg so I'm not sure if the eyes are causing or contributing to the falling and loss of balance or not.)

    Does anyone here have anything like this? My optometrist has me coming back end of May to do visual fields, and he said he may refer me to a neuro opthamologist. I do not have signs of optical neuritis.

    I also have some sort of facial weakness, can no longer whistle and have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, all which is worse if I am fatigued.

    One more random unexplainable symptom to add to the mix ...

    You definitely need to see an ophthalmologist ASAP. I have adult onset vertical misalignment due to a brainstem lesion. I don't have the inability to sustain an upgaze though. This is a neurological problem though. A neuro-ophthalmologist would be great, but the wait is not. You might want to go ahead and push for the appointment.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Good luck, and feel better.

    Disabled RN with MS for 14 years
    SPMS EDSS 7.5 Wheelchair (but a racing one)


      Thank you, Lisa. The squirrely eye feeling and double vision are driving me crazy -- although I'm glad I'm not getting headaches! The optometrist said that prisms would help to some extent, however he wonders whether this will be a transient thing and is not yet sure we should even try the temporary ones, which are still single use.

      Do you have a prism? Does it help you to keep your eyes working together? I take it your misalignment stuck around ... does it change with fatigue levels? Have you had visual fields done? What is that like?

      Ummm .. sorry for the questions ... I'm surprised someone else has had this so THANK YOU!



        The vertical misalignment is unstable (worse when muscles are fatigued). I can`t keep my eyes converged for more than a second (close and middle vision). My visual fields are fine (thank goodness!). And I have been referred to a neuro opthamologist, although it will likely be months before I see them. In the mean time my optometrist is going to experiment with a prism to see if he can make it easier for me to fuse both images, at least for reading.


          Are you referring to Vertical Diplopia when you say you have vertical misalignment? If so, I have had this non-stop since 2004. It was my fast pass symptom that landed me an emergent MRI and lumbar puncture all on the same day.

          I was given high dose steroids but they did not help. My eyes get much worse when I am tired sick or in a flare. Sometimes my eyelids droop too and ocular myasthenia was suspected but I tested negative. I was found to have several brain stem lesions on my pons and medulla.

          i have been wearing very thick prisms for many years and I see two of everything if i take them off. I can not get my eyes to converge at all.

          I was told that I have a skew deviation and 4th cranial nerve paralysis. The strangest thing is that the positioning of the two objects has recently changed. My neuro is not happy with the change because it could mean a new lesion. The doubled image has always been below and slightly to the left of the actual image. Now the image appears below but to the right of the actual image.

          I would go for the prisms, even if you just get the temporary ones for now. I would not be able to work, read or drive without one eye closed if it weren't for the prisms.


            Update on prism

            After fiddling around, my optometrist nailed it. He put it in my non-dominant eye first -- however my vision is slightly better in that eye, so things were blurry. He switched it to other side, plus put a slightly less strong prism in -- and it's great now! Awesome to be able to read. Unfortunately, it doesn't work at computer distance -- so work days are still a challenge.

            When the distance means the prisms don't work, I use my old glasses and do a combination of one eye shut, or letting eyes relax and trying to look at one image only.

            Polopuppy, my two images range from level with each other but separated left to right by quite a distance, to same separation horizontally but one below the other one, to (very occasionally) one image to the right horizontally and on an angle?!?

            Very glad for a great optometrist!


              I can't figure out what any of these are! My "reasoning is off ' so I have hard time "differing ' out right meanings. My eyes don't work togrther some times. I have to cover one eye.


                Convergence insufficency is what my eye dr called it

                Ive always had it though. same thing. I have used the prism glasses for certain things and they do help. My brain is kinda used to it so I only wear my glasses for night driving to be able to read the signs because of light reflection. They do make my vision better all the time but I cant stand to wear glasses, not even sun glasses. I know this doesn't help but wanted to let ya know the glasses do work, Bug