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Retaining Water in the Legs

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    Retaining Water in the Legs

    My wife seems to retain water in her legs on a regular basis. Sometimes it goes away, and then other times they're full again. It's very frustrating for her when she is retaining the water because her skin feels so tight that she can't bend her legs easily. She says it feels like her skin will split!

    Does anyone have this problem? If so, have you found a solution? Thanks!

    Hi Bat21.

    If your wife has not seen her Primary Care Physician that would be my suggestion.

    Edema can have many causes such as weight gain, too much sodium/salt, not drinking enough water, inactivity and more, including other health conditions.
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      I'm going through "Retaining Water in the Legs" at this time...

      Bat 21,

      I am at this time dealing with fluid in my legs. It started occasionally when I was up in my wheelchair too long and would go down after laying in bed. However, a month after the intermittent episodes, my legs swelled up so bad that the skin was very tight in my feet, ankles and lower legs. My legs were hurting. Even elevating my legs wasn't helping. I cut back using salt, stopped drinking diet soda and starting really pushing water. My neuro was concerned and ordered Lymphodemia treatments. I go twice a week. The therapist does message to stimulate the Lymph system to work more efficiently and afterward the legs are wrapped tightly with ace bandages to encourage drainage through the kidneys. I have been going for 3 weeks now and have lost 3 Liters of fluid from both legs. I am very impressed! The only thing new for me is I switched to Ocrevus infusions last fall for my MS, so I will ask my doctor if there is any relation to that.

      However, start with your wife's primary physician. Write down questions for the doctor. Has your wife started new medication recently? Does she see a heart specialist? Are there any other symptoms? I'm sure her doctor will direct you both in a way that is best for her.

      Good Luck to both of You!
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        I totally support the advice that anyone with this symptom see their PCP right away. It's an important symptom of many dangerous conditions.

        In addition, although I am not yet in a wheelchair, I regularly read New Mobility magazine. It is produced by the United Spinal Association and is primarily directed to those in wheelchairs. As I said, I'm not an expert, but the articles in New Mobility certainly suggest that retaining fluid in the legs is an important concern for those who are in chairs.

        Good luck,
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