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What med combo keeps your spasticity under control?

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    What med combo keeps your spasticity under control?

    I am looking to see what other med-combo's people are taking for spasticity?

    The background to this I have successfully weaned off Klonopin because it was causing me serious memory problems. Klonopin really helped my spasticity into the next day and especially at night. I take Baclofen during the day. Without Klonopin anymore I have doubled my Baclofen but it is not really as effective as Klonopin + Baclofen in combination. The pain/stiffness in my upper ribs, spine and neck is really bothering me.

    I'm just wondering if I can take something else in combination with Baclofen that would improve how it's working for the musco-skeletal/spasticity issue? I also take Duloxetine in the morning for neurological pain, but it doesn't do anything for the other types of pain and stiffness.


    My combination

    I wouldn't say it controls my spasticity, but it helps manage it.

    I take 80 mg of Baclofen daily. We have discussed going up to 120 mg, but would rather add in new meds before topping off the Baclofen.

    I just started on Zanaflex which I take 12 mg daily.

    I take 10 mg of Valium at bedtime. I do still have a lot of lower limb spasticity issues that this does not manage, so it is a work in progress.

    Best of luck,


      my spasticity is controlled by baclofen via a baclofen pump. If you have any questions regarding a baclofen pump you can feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions that I can.
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        For me personally, my spasticity is kept to a level of being manageable by taking Zanaflex 2 or 4 mg at bedtime. I take it at bedtime, because my spasticity is worse at night.


          My solution is Dantrolene, 3X a day, and Botox injections in a couple of muscles every 3 months. I still have a bit of break-thru spasticity but it is usually manageable with stretching and massage.

          I hope you find the best solution for you.

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            Hi, I'v given up on baclofen as it increased my fatigue. But i take diazepam and polaramine each night. The spasticity is worse at night and prevents me sleeping. This combo used with heat applied to the worst areas allows me a good nights sleep and has been beneficial to me for 4 years now. all the best.


              Xanax and baclofen works for me.


                I take 60mg baclofen at bedtime.
                God Bless Us All


                  medication for spasms

                  I only get spasms I my right leg and usually get a warning that one is about to start. A get electrical impulses in my foot and lower leg as a first sign.

                  When this starts I take Topamax 50 - 75 mg usually about eight oclock in the evening for about 10 days. This usually prevents the full spasm. I think this is an off label use of this drug.

                  Spasms are annoying and painful. Hope this helps.


                    Hi All

                    I have been using a Baclofen Pump to control my spasticity, since 1999. .. Not the same

                    I am on my 4th pump which has spanned 3 generations of the pump.

                    Take Care, Bob


                      jimmy leg

                      my baclofen pump does a pretty good job at keeping jimmy leg at bay. but when any other triggers are present - if it gets hot or cold, if i stub my toe (?) or sit in one position for too long, etc., it comes back. it seems nothing is perfect.
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                        MS & Stroke Spasticity

                        I Tried Baclofin & Zanaflex many times over the years. I hallucinate and go through Psychotic episodes. After two heart attacks my spasticity got unbearable. Then after having hip replacement needed due my Steroid treatments I found that Percocet eased my spasticity so I could sleep at night. A Paranoid Neurologist had me try Gabapentin. This helped but only partially worked. So I now after 15 years use a still low dose of OxyContin and 1800 mg of Gabapentin. Now what no one believes is that as per side effects of these two drugs it's the Gabapentin which gets me close to a Maryjane High. This sucks as being high all the time destroys any relief it might offer. The OxyContin only makes me dizzy and sleepy. With great difficulty I found a Neurologist who also is a Pain management Specialist. As my condition is long term Chronic and because of my low dose long term non-addictive use of OxyContin this Doctor and the DEA has no problem with my treatment. Of course I have to plan to pee in a cup after an hour drive by my wife. I'm sure many of you know how stressful this is. Oh this Pain management doctor is almost the only one Between NYC & Albany. I know no one will Admit such use due to fear of being cut off from effective treatments but I still try to find a discussion. jude


                          Standard combo

                          Gabapentin and Tizanadine 3x a day every 8 hours and Klonapin at night. Pain still occurs and spasms appear some days still, but I canít function without.
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                            I have a baclofen pump.


                              I have a Baclofen pump that is filled with Prialt for pain and it has completely replaced the Baclofen for spasticity. It is a non-narcotic replacing Morphine.