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Botox for leg spasticity

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    Botox for leg spasticity

    Does anyone have experience with this? My doctor wants me to try it; I've honestly never heard about it as a treatment until now.

    Have you had it? How long does it last? Has it made a huge difference in your quality of life?

    Hey msesq. I hope you are doing well. Considering you are asking about Botox, I guess you are having significant spasticity. I'm sorry, I know how painful and debilitating that spasticity can be. I was considering Botox, but eventually decided on a Baclofen pump. I'll tell you what little I do know about Botox.

    Botox is injected directly into the muscles and relaxes muscles by disrupting the communication between the brain and muscles. Botox does this by attaching to nerve endings and prevents them from transmitting signals to the muscles that eventually cause spasms. The number of injections required will be determined by the area treated. Electrical impulses may be used to ensure the injections are working properly. The injection benefits are normally realized a few days after the procedure and then lasts from 3-6 months. The procedure is then repeated every few months to maintain the effectiveness.

    Since, I never tried Botox, I cannot discuss any experienced benefits or side effects. What I can say, is that when my spasticity was removed so was the related pain. I had no idea how much spasticity was truly impacting my quality of life. If you have tried PT, stretching, oral anti-spasticity medications, acupuncture, massage, and other treatments have failed, then you have many options left. Trying Botox would be an experiment that lasted a few months. If you don't like the results, you could stop with relatively little residual damage. Make sure you clearly understand your costs before agreeing to the treatment.

    Please update us when you can, and I hope whatever treatment you decide on will serve you well.

    You can read more about Botox here:


      Thanks for the well wishes and the information, Marco.

      Actually my spasticity has been well managed on Baclofen. The issue that I'm having is that I'm trying to get pregnant, and my doctor doesn't want me to keep taking it. I don't feel comfortable not taking anything, and she mentioned Botox as a solution since I'll be injecting only in my left leg. I still have to be evaluated so we'll see how it goes.


        First, congratulations. What an exciting time in life, when trying to create a life. I hope it meets all your expectations. Having MS, means you also know things don't always go perfectly according to plan -- so you are better prepared for hiccups along the way. Amazing how MS hardships better prepare you for other areas of your life. Again, Congratulations!

        I cannot comment on Botox and pregnancy. I believe it has not been studied so that conversation is completely between you and your doctor.

        What I do know, is that Botox does not travel far from the injection site and far less travels in your blood. That's why it can be used in the face because it travels so little distance from the injection site. So if your injection location is limited, that is exactly what Botox is supposed to help. Based on what you said, it does appear that you match the Botox criteria and match it well. If you proceed, I hope it works amazingly well for you. Please keep us update. More importantly, I hope you will consider posting a baby picture into the Creative Center once it is available.

        Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


          Botox for muscle spasms

          I have a Baclofen pump, and use oral Baclofen when needed. Because of painful spasms in a calf muscle or muscles in one leg not responsive to other treatment, my neurologist used a Botox injection. Injection did not hurt; spasms were gone for 3 months.