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Baclofen Withdrawal?

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    Baclofen Withdrawal?

    Hi all,

    Long story, but due to Neuro going from independent to joining a hospital group, things are delayed. I ran out of Baclofen, which I took 3x/day at 10mg for about 8 years. So a low dosage, but long time usage. The last time I took it was Wednesday night (6 days ago).

    By Saturday, I started with anxiety, and Sunday, a deep sadness, like wanting to cry for no reason. Yesterday was better on both accounts, but today is tough again.

    Can this be withdrawal from baclofen? Anyone experience this and does it last long?

    I am not sure about restarting it. My current Neuro had mentioned he didn't think I was very spastic. We tried stopping before with tapering down, but I had bad calf spasms. It was also right after Achilles surgery, so I couldn't stretch. This time, even with the hard stop, no cramping and night time, legs are quiet. I am stretching multiple times. So if I don't need it, I don't want to be on it.

    If it is related to withdrawal and ends fairly soon, why restart? If the withdrawal lasts a long time, then I guess I may need to start and wean off.

    I have a call into Neuro just now, but if anyone can share experiences and/or input, greatly appreciated.
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    My personal opinion of oral baclofen is that it’s pure poison
    it’s surely why your feeling like you are now.
    Hopefully the worst is over and when you do get through to a Dr maybe you could try something else ?
    I would never take it again.
    It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.


      Sorry you had to (or still going through) withdrawal, pennstater. I take 2 10mg at night and 1 during afternoon and so far it has only helped me a little. But, who knows what it would be like if I didn't take it at all?

      I'm wondering what your neuro said yesterday? If you are not having enough spasms to take them anymore, I would consider going off them, IMO.

      Hope you are having a better day today!
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        Thanks oceanpride and seasha!

        We are at our cabin and have not heard from Neuro. I have to think issue with big hospital communications because as an independent, he was always back to you within 24 hours. I see him late October and will ask him about both the withdrawal and communication expectation.

        As for me, mornings are rough, but trying a combination of techniques to calm myself, including keeping very busy so I pass out early at night! It seems to be a little better. I do have a little leg cramping sleeping, but need to get better at stretching at night.

        I did read in a few sites that since Baclofen impacts neurotransmission, it could result in anxiety and a bunch of other symptoms when not weaned off correctly. Those sites said could be 72 hours to months, so here is praying I am on the shorter end of that curve!
        DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri