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    Does anyone else suffer from uncontrollable bursts of itching?
    Its driving me insane, and now that I think about it I’ve suffered with it in and off for years now. i can go back and count about 5 years this has been happening.

    I itch on my calves daily, and only my calves, mostly at night, it’s intense, I know I’m shredding my legs but I can’t stop, It lasts for maybe 15 minutes at a time, wakes me from my sleep. There is no rash, welts or any other skin problem that I can see. I’ve used moisturisers, antihistamines, anti itch lotions, steroid creams, goats milk soap, used no soap, changed all my laundry detergents looking for an explanation, all to no avail.... I’ve thought about calling my nurse but it seems like a minor symptom. Does anyone have any insight into what I can do. Or any ideas on how to manage this. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Hi Jaynus.

    I don't have any personal experience with this symptom but this article from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society might be helpful.
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      I get what I call "pinpoint" itching on the tops of my feet and a few other places. Very location-specific (a single nerve ending?) and part intense itch and part getting jabbed with a pin.

      I'd be hard pressed to say that anything actually helps, but I take gabapentin anyway. If it's bed time, some lorazepam will sometimes let me sleep...
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        Please try compression socks or baseball socks. Might do the trick.


          I have suffered uncontrollable itching for years. To a large extent I have attributed it to allergies. Certain allergy control measures have helped. I get someone to damp mop my dwelling every day. I was itching on my feet and on my calves and I think it's because the allergens tend to fall to the ground making our legs and feet the victims.

          Besides giving my floors the white gloves test, I keep water around at all times to pour on the area. That gives me tremendous relief. But there is this vague area that cannot always be atttribted to allergies. I don't know.

          Right now I am trying to get some wounds to heal. They linger for months and months because as soon as they begin to heal uncontrollable itching starts in. It doesn't do any good to tell me not to scratch. I do it in my sleep. The wound specialist became exasperated and referred me to a dermatologist. I don't have too much hope that he will help but I am going to beg for a cortisone shot in the area. The itching is so bad I want to cut off a pound of flesh to get relief.

          My doctor gave me Atarax and Pepsid, both of with are supposed to control itching but they really are useless. I tried Caladryl and it helped for awhile but I developed an allergy to it and welts were appearing on my skin.

          I feel for you but do try to get someone to damp mop your floors everyday. If you have carpeting take it out, if at all possible. The fact that this is occurring on your calves makes me suspicious that allergens are jumping up from the floor.

          Keep us posted. Leave no stone unturned until you find a solution.


            Here is a previous thread about "crazy itching".
            I learned something from Tawanda. Neurologists will often call it "pruritus". Snoopy's link to the NMSS article also talks about pruritis.

            If it's allergies, possibly the damp mopping floors or removing carpet will work. But, if it's neurological, maybe nothing will help??? I don't know.
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              Thanks so much for all the suggestions. I was born with quite severe allergies, I’ve spent my Whole life figuring out what triggers my allergies and if I do have them, I have an arsenal of creams ointments and old wives tales to combat the problem. But this is different. With allergies I will get welts or redness, even weeping, after scratching but with this, nothing, just itch and it comes and goes daily for months then it’ll just vanish.
              I will definitely take on board all suggestions I do appreciate it. 😊