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Early Symptoms Numb heavy feet

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    Early Symptoms Numb heavy feet

    I am just going through diagnosis have numb heavy feet almost 9weeks now and getting fed up doing half the walking I used to do.Its way worse when you put shoes on the best I can get it is by wearing slipper socks in the house then feet start burning mad at night does anyone know if this ever goes away?hands also burn if you do too much with them awful upset at the moment so any advice really appreciated.
    Thanks so much.

    So very sorry to hear you’re dealing with this. I had a numb leg which led to diagnosis for me. That numbness lasted awhile and has left me with a weaker leg since then. I have pins and needles type tingling that comes and goes now, some other random symptoms too.

    One piece of advice I wish I would’ve followed more: rest, rest, rest! And don’t hesitate to contact your neuro with questions or new symptoms.

    Best of luck to you. I hope you can find some comfort soon!
    DX 3/2018; started Ocrevus 3/30/18 (EDSS 2.5)

    "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day."
    - 2 Corinthians 4:16


      Have had many varieties of numbness and sensations over last 30+yrs. some very painful and debilitating some just annoying and inconvenient. All prone to frighten.
      Most did pass over time. this time also varies.
      On average i would say the worst of symptoms eased by about a month but residual weakness and sensations about 3 to 4 months.
      I agree strongly with smalltowngirl. Any symptoms i have experienced in the past or have now always worsen with fatigue. I have to manage this diligently.
      Having said that though i do have to push through on a regular basis in order to maintain co-ordination and strength. I just have to accept the no pain no gain saying and pop some pain pills.
      But i don't recommend doing this if still recovering from an attach.
      Burning and stinging sensations do especially seem to worsen with fatigue .
      Try and be reasurred by us oldies on here . Many of us have been through the ringer but we are still travelling down ye old road leading full lives . We have just learnt to 'deal".
      You are still at the scariest point. Unfortunately anxiety increases fatigue.
      Not sure if this will help or not but hope so.
      Let us know how you are doing?


        Hello Maura,

        I am so sorry those symptoms are affecting you. I realize MS is suspected but do you have a diagnosis, yet?

        You mentioned the possibility of steroids and you are correct believing steroids may be helpful, right now.

        Longer term, for something to investigate if you are inclined is LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). You have several Irish doctors who prescribe it for MS. I urge you to read here at MS World about LDN and google the LDN Trust in the UK to get familiar with LDN, users and prescribers.

        Although he is a fertility doctor, I found one of your Irish doctors particularly interesting, Dr. Phil Boyle. You may want to check him out on youtube talking about LDN. In any case, I urge you to become familiar with LDN as a possible benefit relative to your feet.

        Caroline, how are you?! I urge you to check out LDN, also. There is a great deal here at this site, if you may be interested. I think it could benefit you. There is no incompatibility between LDN and any MS med. In the LDN thread I posted the most comprehensive LDN study in existence done at Penn State by Dr. Turel. Many of his patients taking LDN were on various MS meds during the 7 years covered by his study. And, I do personally know people on Tysabri taking it and have for years with no problem at all, Caroline.

        For my own education I put together a 120 page review of LDN literature that I shared with my GP but still couldn't talk her into prescribing LDN. So I get naltrexone from India in 50 mg tabs and weigh out 2mg for each dose. It is quite inexpensive and quite effective, IMO. Btw, a common dose used in MS is 3 mg even though most studies used 4.5mg. However, in children with Crohn's LDN dosing was done by the weight of the child, I believe. So yes, LDN is safe for children, also.

        I don't mean to re-direct this thread. I just wanted to mention one possibility which may help alleviate conditions described here.

        Best Wishes!


          Had a "heavy" leg up front as well. Looking back, the fatigue was the only symptom i had before that. It might go away or it might not. We are all different. Definately investigate the LDN, I believe in it.
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            Hi Myoak'
            Replied in Hi again all. So as not to hijack thread .
            I hope things have improved Maura.