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    facial tingling

    I've had facial tingling all along. It never goes away, but it varies in degrees of tingling. Whenever I go to the neuro (or last time the intern) they always brush their finger along my cheek and ask if the sensations are different on either side of my face. Touch doesn't make my skin tingle, in fact, if the tingling is really annoying me, I can put my hand flat on my face and the pressure makes the tingling stop - or at least lessen.

    But my response of "no" the touch doesn't make it feel worse always seems to make them dismiss the symptom.

    What do other people experience with tingling? Does touch aggravate it or make it go away?

    Hi sarabeach:

    The touch test on your cheek isn't a test for tingling or paresthesia. It's a test for presence or loss of sensation, which is a test of nerve function.

    Originally posted by sarabeach123 View Post
    Whenever I go to the neuro (or last time the intern) they always brush their finger along my cheek and ask if the sensations are different on either side of my face.
    But you're answering a different question:
    Originally posted by sarabeach123 View Post
    But my response of "no" the touch doesn't make it feel worse
    The question isn't does the tingling feel worse. The question is do touch sensations on the two sides feel different.

    Sensation is a neurological test. Tingling isn't. Your neuro isn't dismissing your symptom. It's that the test isn't a tingling test. When you answer the question to indicate that there's no difference in the sensation between the two sides of your face (even though you think you're answering a different question), the test is complete. Not dismissed, just complete.

    If you've told your neuro about your facial tingling, s/he is aware of it. Tingling is harmless, so if all you do is mention it, there's no reason for your neuro to talk about it any further. That doesn't mean s/he is dismissing the symptom. It means that your neuro is giving it the same amount of attention you've been giving it during your appointments.

    If you were to tell your neuro that the tingling is becoming painful or that it's so annoying that it's making you unable to carry out your daily activities, then your neuro will give it that amount of attention. The problem is that the only thing s/he can do about it is to offer you medication for it, and 1) the side effects of the medication may be worse than the tingling itself, and 2) the medication may not help anyway.

    It sounds like you've misinterpreted what the neurological testing is for and, as a result, you aren't speaking up to your neuro about what your desires and expectations about your symptoms are. If you'll speak up at you next appointment, you might find that the outcome of the visit is different.


      I'm sorry, I guess I shouldn't complain about it since I realize there is nothing that can be done about it.

      They always felt my face after I told them about the tingling which is why I thought it was related to me telling them about the tingling. I was just wondering if anyone else has similar tingling experiences


        Facial numbness on just one side

        Hi, so I've had a very long history with MS symptoms but no diagnosis. At one time I had TN diagnosed by my dentist. Eventually it went away. Now I have a numbness and tingly feeling along the nerve, traveling into one side of my face to my front tooth, upper gum and up to my nostril, and also to my eye. It's not what I consider pain but some damn annoying! My Rhuematologist said MS. I've been tested and down this road so many times, only to come out looking like a drug seeker or just crazy. Has anyone else had this?


          I get it too

          Hi... I get the tingling, pins and needles in my face. I didn't realize how long I had been experiencing it until I looked at my MRI from 2003 and the paperwork said the reason for it was: "patient complaint of tingling, numbness in face". It's annoying and seems to get worse when I am stressed. I am always holding my face with my hands and putting pressure on it but the relief is only temporary. Sometimes it feels like there is a person standing in front of me, poking me in the face (all over, at the same time) with safety pins and I just want to punch them but there is no one there to punch! lol I get the tingling, pins, etc in my hands and feet sometimes as well.

          Laugh or cry... I chose to laugh~ Dx RRMS June 2008, was missed on 2003 MRI so have had it since well before 2003 per Specialist. Betaseron since June 2008. My father had MS as well~


            RE Face Tingling from Someone's Post yrs ago

            My face burning lower part by sides of lips.My,Dr also did the touching each side,to see If it felt different.It didn;t. Asked,me did I want to see Neuro,she said they would do,alot of tests.
            Iam,waiting till we get back from trip.Don't,like feeling like there's sunburn on face