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Burning pain in foot

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    Burning pain in foot

    Is getting to the point having problems walking with the pain Dr gave me lamotrigine 100mgs hasn't help any suggestions?

    Hi salo 558,

    My MS Specialist told me Doxepin was good for burning. Tried it, but had a reaction to it, so that one's off the table for me. Now take Lyrica, in addition to Gabapetin. Not perfect (might ask to up the dose of Lyrica), but usually helps take some of the edge of my pain.

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      I'm taking Lyrica and Cymbalta, and the two together come closer to something I'd maybe call "better" but I can't say it's the best answer. I'm hoping that MMJ will be the thing that really makes it better, without the quote marks.
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        Nothing is helping

        I'm currently taking 600 mgs of lyrica tried almost everything percoced might be next


          I haven't posted in a while, but if you are having burning in your foot/feet, you might try acupuncture. I was on Neurontin for a brief time, but had to keep increasing the dosage and still no significant relief from the burning.

          I've been seeing an acupuncturist every 2 weeks for 3.5 years and no longer have the burning issue with my feet. I went every week for two months, and now biweekly sessions seem to be sufficient to keep the burning away.

          I'm 62 and have to admit I tried most everything else beforeI finally resorted to acupuncture. I only wish I had gone to see him about 3 years earlier. My feet burned like an orange glowing log in a campfire. On a scale of 1-10, the pain in my feet was about an 8. I think it's the unrelenting nature of the pain that wears us down. Good luck to you all in finding some relief!


            Canary - so helpful to know this. I firmly believe that acupuncture has helped me in the past for various reasons, but I haven't seen one in a few years. Mainly because insurance won't provide. My feet hurt so bad now and are so numb that I can't tell if they're burning or freezing. Very weird sensation.

            It's worth the cost to help alleviate this sensation! How long did you go in before you started noticing results?
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              Seasha: I could feel relief from the burning after the very first treatment. Full relief came after about 6 weeks of weekly sessions. I've experimented with trying to go longer between sessions (because I also have to pay out-of-pocket for acupuncture), but every 2 weeks seems to be my "sweet spot." If I stretch it out to 3 weeks.....the burning starts creeping back.

              My ankles are pretty stiff also, with the left one particularly inflexible after a bad ankle sprain shortly after my diagnosis with MS. My acupuncturist works on my ankles and I walk out feeling like I have brand new ankles! However, the improvement to my ankles only lasts 3-4 days....but it's great to have those days of relief. He's also helped me with insomnia. I'm not a "new age" type of person.....but I'm really sold on acupuncture!

              When I first started, he asked me to give him 4-5 weeks to know if acupuncture would help, but I knew after the first session!