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Deep leg pain spreading

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    Deep leg pain spreading

    I have had MS 27 yes, I’m now in SPMS. I’ve been dealing with deep painful aching in the back of my thighs for months, while having spasms on the front side. My specialist did tons of blood work to rule out muscular issues as upon exam I have a major decrease in strength and reflexes between my knees to hips. After a few months it’s recently spread into my calves so I’m now on oral steroids. It’s only been 4 days of a 19 day course but the deep ache is now going up and is halfway up my butt. I’m already on nerve pain meds and muscle relaxers. I don’t know what to do! Anyone out there ever have this??
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    Hi Curious1. I remember you were packing and moving, hoping you are settled in your new place. Steroids may or may not help You may want to ask for an x-ray and/or MRI of the Lumbar spine, just to make sure you are not dealing with a mechanical back problem such as a herniated or bulging disc which might cause the symptoms you are having.

    The other suggestion would be Massage Therapy and/or Physical Therapy. I had a Physical Therapist that did both and it helped immensely. My daughter is a Massage Therapist that works on the medical side of the profession and has helped my leg pain with massage. Like you I am SP but I have been diagnosed 37 or so years. Take care
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      Hi Curious1

      Sorry you're dealing with this. I get it, I also have pain in my legs, butt, and more. Other than meds, you can try stretching, heat/ cold therapy, massage, or acupuncture.

      Cold packs help my pain. Interesting, because I also have cold intolerance and spasticity. After dealing with pain for 25+ years, I've became a connoisseur of the different kinds ice packs!

      I hope this pain passes for you, and soon. Best of luck.

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        Curious1, I am sorry you have had to deal with so much pain. I really am. My wife has pain issues including spasticity and methadone really helps her. She started on 2.5 mg and can go up to 10 mg as needed. Right now she is on 5mg.It is a big help for her.It’s also a very inexpensive drug. Suggest the doctor write on the prescription “for pain”. Good luck and get distracted as often as you can.