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New pain in left arm.

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    New pain in left arm.

    Last two days very intermittent stabbing pain in forearm and upper arm. Itís a quick pain and then it goes away for a while of course it scares me my instant that is something cardiac but Iíve been checked out for cardiac stuff three times and they always tell me everythingĎs OK if they feel itís just the MS

    I recently in the last year started having severe panic attacks as well. Being treated with low size Aprazolam Or that but I only use it when I really need it and I do you have medication on hand for pain which Iím also very careful I have and I always have been

    Has anyone else had this kind of pain or they felt they could be cardiac but in fact it was MS

    Been very down the last few months. The MS progressed and I have been feeling worse and thereís really not a whole lot that can be done about it but this pain does concern me I just donít want to go back to the doctor and waste more money and time and be told the same thing I just wanna thereís other people I have experience this

    Thank you so much for your time

    Ms is a pain

    Hi ,yes I have stabbing pains various parts of my body.Been told ms cause it. We are going through a lot of stuff people just donít get it