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Back and ?skin? Pain??

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    Back and ?skin? Pain??

    I keep getting this back pain that feels like burning. It extends up into my shoulders and down to my mid back. It comes and gos. Could this be related to MS or is it something different?

    Also I have been feeling for about three weeks like my skin hurts. Whenever I have been sick in the past and had a fever I would always get a feeling like all of my skin on my entire body hurt. Well I don't have a fever, but the pain is there constantly.

    I am wondering if anyone has experienced either of these things or if it's something totally different. Any input appreciated

    thestraltrainer, sorry to hear about your back and skin pain. I have searched skin pain since I experienced onset in late 2015. Nothing I found during my searches explained the level of skin pain I experience, until I came across Alloydnia.

    Alloydnia can be associated with many different conditions but I found the most helpful info using search terms 'ms and allodynia' and 'transverse myelitis and ms'. But honestly there is not much research or info available. I have to spell Allodynia for nurses and docs. Plus the kind folks here to commiserate with who experience it also. My flairs tend to last for very long periods of time, in fact it never really resolves, more like the pain level decreases.

    I have an Allodynia thread here at the pain board. I consulted with a Physical Medicine doctor to help manage the pain.

    Best of luck and take care.


      I have skin pain as well

      I get pain that feels like my skin is raw. It's SO sensitive to the touch-including clothes and showers.
      My back lower back, rib cage and around the front all the way up my chest to my neck. Sometimes down the outside of my things along my hips. It feels like a layer of skin has been scraped off, it's so sensitive. Then it fades away after a few days.
      I haven't brought it up to my neuro. I guess I probably should, but I figure there is really nothing that can be done since it's not an "all the time" pain. But it super sucks when it happens for days at a time
      Dx 11/09
      Aubagio since 09/15


        Ivy_Sprite, I describe the sensation as though SANDPAPER has rubbed my skin raw. Skin making contact with my bed linens induces pain making it impossible to sleep. I have sat up many nights with my arms/elbows out by my sides to avoid painful contact with insides of arms against painful sides of torso, and palms of my hands resting palms up and resting on the tops of my legs because my palms are too painful to touch anything.

        Winter is coming has an entirely new meaning for me since my skin will be covered in warm fabric that induces the worst skin pain.

        I'm taking an anti-inflammatory Rx that is the first med that's provided some measure of relief.

        A Couple of corrections:
        Search terms that I found most helpful 'MS and Allodynia' and Transverse Myelitis and Allodynia'. My previous post titled ALLODYNIA is at the Symptoms and Treatments board.

        It's been a constant and miserable existence since onset, with moderate improvement in summer months and recent addition of medication.

        Take care and hope you are experiencing improvement