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Is frozen shoulder ms related?

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    Is frozen shoulder ms related?

    I wiped out in the fall of 2015. I had pain in my shoulder but xrays and ultrasound showed nothing so I just waited it out but the pain never went away. I did have several falls that surely didn't help. Then this year I went to see about it and I was told it was frozen shoulder at this point and went through physical therapy which helped a lot but I moved and didn't continue it. Now I just had lemtrada infusion and I picked up a mirror that was ~5 pounds and something happened and it was reeaally painful. Now it feels like the frozen shoulder again but much more painful. This isn't spasticity is it? It seems to be muscular versus joint (if there is a distinction) bc sometimes my chest hurts as those muscles take over. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    good morning sardi_g i actually was told i have frozen shoulder also and it is very painful indeed . I can't sleep at night thats when it gets worse for me. I am gonna try physical therapy to see if it helps any but unfornuately i work 6 days a week and with my job i surely make it worse. Its gonna be hard im gonna have to go to pt after work and i will be wiped out. i will let you know how it goes i see this post is from quite awhile ago so hopefully your better. take care