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Could This Be the Dreaded "Hug"?

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    Could This Be the Dreaded "Hug"?

    Hi Everyone,

    After years of being misdiagnosed, I was finally diagnosed with RRMS a little over a year ago. I just came out of a relapse a few weeks ago that was treated with IV & really helped a lot. For the past few days, I have been feeling pretty good.

    This morning, I began having this extreme tightness in my mid back in the area where my bra strap would be, that wrapped around my sides. It is extremely painful when I take a deep breath, but otherwise is only mildly painful...feels more like muscle soreness and is just really tight. The pain doesn't really extend to my chest, but there is a bit of tightness there as well.

    Does this sound like it might be the MS Hug? Is there anything I can do to make it go away? How long will it last?

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond. I appreciate your help.

    onlyxception, as far as I know, there is no official diagnostic test for MS hug. According to my MS doc, mine is associated with a spinal cord lesion that also causes extreme pain and paralysis in my arms. As with most MS sx's, we seem to have our own unique variation of how the hug presents.

    Mine is a very thin, tight band around my torso/bra strap area with difficulty breathing. Thankfully I've never experienced pain with it, but my version seems to come with anxiety.

    Hope this helps, and you might consider putting a call into your MS doc's office if sx's progress.


      My "hug" symptom feels like a tight belt around my upper waist.


        I've had it also

        I got mine just like you then wraped around my chest to the point I could hardly breath, tried everything I could at home for 2 hours ( heat,cold, baclofen, yoga stretching) but nothing helped after calling the copaxone nurse she said go to emergency room.. WOW I got steroids and morphine and felt better in 2or 3 hours ,breathing again...BUT they would not release me after a whole day of tests for $17,000 they said it was my MS .. Word to the wise when you feel OK absoluty DEMAND to be released imedatialy!