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Intense Burning On Bottoms of Feet

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    Intense Burning On Bottoms of Feet

    Hello Everyone,

    I am having some pretty intense burning pain on the bottoms of my feet when I walk, it gets worst as the day goes on. Neuro has me on 3600mg neurotin and 400 mg of tegretol a day and it is not helping. I have a call into my neuro now.

    I was just wondering if anyone had this problem and what med. helped you.
    God Bless Us All

    I have this on one foot, in a very localized spot. So far I haven't had to take anything for it. I find coolness (a compress) helps, but it doe an' make it go away.


      Thanks venice,

      Mine feels okay except when I walk, getting where I can't do very much.

      I hope the burning on your foot gets better.
      God Bless Us All


        Sorry you are having such pain! I also have intense burning/stabbing pain in my feet all the way up my leg. It affects my ability to walk and sleep. This has been going on for over a year, and I fear it is here to stay. I elevate my legs so my heels do not touch the bed and also use ice to calm the pain. I have tried neurontin and lyrica for pain without any relief. My neuro just prescribed flexeril, which is a muscle relaxer but I haven't taken it yet. Keep us updated, I am curious to see what your neuro recommends. You are not alone


          Thank you Maryjazzy, and I am sorry you are having alot of pain also and I hope the flexeril helps.

          My Dr. wants me to continue with the neurontin and tegretol and he is adding hydrocodone which is alittle scary. He told me to take 1 3x a day for a wk. to see if it helps and just take it as needed because it is a narcotic.

          So far I have tried neurontin with amitriptyline, neurontin with tegretol now hydrocodone. I will see if I get some relief.

          I will post and let every one know.
          God Bless Us All


            I had this intensely, mostly in the heels of both feet. 2700 mg/day of gabapentin has very well controlled.


              Keep us posted! I hope it helps!


                Feet issues

                I too have that burn. For me though, I seem to be able to at least temporarily get my mind off of it some I'd I massage them or rub my bare feet back and forth on the carpet.

                Right now they are really crampy in my nearly nonexistent arch so I have the arches compresses with underwrap covered by coban. I'm sensitive to latex so I put the underwrap beneath it so its not touching my skin. The compression helps some.

                I remain in limbo but am in the midst of a very thorough work up. Next week will being 2 hours Ina 3t MRI. She doesn't want anything masked right now. I do have ultram and zanaflex but neither help with paresthesias. Soon... Soon...

                I hope you can get some resolution. Neurontin or lyrica may help.


                  Hello football-mon,

                  I am sorry you are having this sx also, glad the gabapentin is helping some.

                  Hello Beccah, I am sorry you too are having these sx's and being in limbo is rough too. I hope your Dr. finds you some answers soon.
                  God Bless Us All


                    The pain has gotten worst, the hydrocodone has not helped a bit. I talked to the NP so now I will be dropping the Hydrocodone and starting cymbalta tonight. So now it will be Neurontin, tegretol & cymbalta.
                    God Bless Us All


                      This is what I found to ease the pain of burning feet. It really eases the burning sensation:[/URL]


                        Thanks day1, I looked at natura cure and it looked good but my foot only burns when I walk and I don't think I can use it for that.

                        My foot has been feeling better in the mornings but by mid day and night it is painful again just like my tired weak legs.
                        God Bless Us All


                          Not sure if this will help you, but I get hot feet a lot. I found Epsom salt at Walmart that has peppermint oil in it. I use cool to cold water and I soak my feet in that when they are hot. Usually at night or early in the morning. It feels great and seems to help.
                          K9 Love heals


                            Hi REG53,

                            Just wanted to pass along info a fellow poster shared a while back, who said the OTC ointment "Calmoseptine" was helpful. It may be on the messy side to slather on your feet, but if it helps, I'm sure you'll consider it worth it.

                            Best wishes,

                            “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Max Planck


                              Thanks pangleb & Kimba both of these ideas sound soothing. I will try anything at this point. I started taking 60mg of cymbalta last night and today my rt foot has been very painful when I walk. I am feeling knots on the bottoms plus the burning.

                              I am taking 3600mg neurontin, 400mg tegetol and 60mg cymbalta. I will be calling neuro back at the end of next week. Hope it's to tell them I am completely better.

                              Thanks everyone for listening.
                              God Bless Us All